Belief & Gratitude

Belief & Gratitude Weeks 8, 9 & 10

I have not forgotten to be grateful and I have not forgotten to believe in the good things in the world or to believe in myself. The last 3 weeks my milage has been 11 miles, 16 miles, and 12 miles. <—This is pathetic, for my own personal standards because I am used to running A LOT more than this. I have been feeling really discouraged with the lack of running I have been doing but I know that I am not slacking off, I have just been sick. Despite this, I won’t give up. I still believe that one day I will feel better and that one day somehow, someone will help me find out why I feel so sick all the time. I also believe that somehow, someway I will achieve all of my running goals and more. I guess this is me believing that I am not meant to run well right now, and thats okay.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have some pretty great things happen in the last 3 weeks though:

-I’ve been doing yoga since I can’t run as much

-I met a doctor who told me to drink A LOT of coffee to prevent migraines


-I have had three days off from work and one delay due to snow

-I made a pizza


-I made cinnamon buns


-I bought 5 new pairs of fancy tights


-I bought a new journal to keep in my purse

-I started watching friends on netflix

-I had breakfast for dinner 2x, once at home and once at the dinner

-I had a coupon for coffee creamer and I got 3 different flavors for cheep!!


-Phil did the taxes and I didn’t have too

-I got to run with my favorite running partners a few times

-February ended

-Daylight savings time happened

-I nailed my assignment and my teacher gave me a bunch of compliments

-I wrote a poem

-I snuggled with Junior and Ninja and they snuggled with each other


-I got a letter from one of my favorite former athletes in the mail

-I got a card from a good friend in the mail


-I realized that the reason the Java software has a coffee cup as its logo is because Java is another word for coffee……..

-Walked in the snow and I felt like I was in a snow globe


-Ran in the snow

-2 of my favorite former athletes came to visit me

-Phil cleaned my car & it is really clean

-It got warmer

-Sparkly soul used my picture for a contest (Bottom left)


3 thoughts on “Belief & Gratitude Weeks 8, 9 & 10

  1. I hope you feel better soon and can get your mileage up! If you’ve been sick and resting that is NOT slacking off, you’re doing what your body needs. I didn’t run today either, trying to rest and get this wonky hip stretched and strengthened ;). Hopefully the weather clears up there too.

    Love that one of your coffee creamers is girl scout cookie. Yummy!


  2. I love everything about this post. It can be hard to see the positive when you’re not feeling well but, once you do, you begin to feel so much better. I love your new leggings and those cinnamon buns look INSANE! So jealous. How are you liking yoga?


  3. You seem to be doing a great job working through things and it’s echoed in how many things you are grateful for. I know the low miles are tough especially since my mileage weeks have almost mirrored yours as I’m trying to work my way through this mystery injury to my leg. But you are going the be GREAT once you are through this all! Love your cats name Ninja lol and the pizza and rolls look yummy … do I see a bakery/pizza parlor in your future. Keep working towards your greatness! Your will get there! I know it! 🙂


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