What’s going on Wednesday

Its Wednesday and why not let everyone know what’s going on? So…what’s going on Wednesday seemed appropriate. I know I’ve been kind of quiet lately and I’ve got lots of reasons for that. 

Let’s see, first I still feel horrible with headaches and other issues and I can’t seem to stay awake without drinking tons of coffee. I’m being tested for celiac disease. I had a blood test this morning for that. Hopefully, something comes of it or else I don’t know what I’ll do. I’ve done everything and been tested for everything and been told countless times I need psychological help when I know I don’t because I know my body and I know something isn’t right. This is kind of my last hope for knowing what is wrong and I would be so happy to never eat gluten again if that would make me healthy. 

I have a lot of work to do for grad school. Last week was rough in that respect. I only have 2 weeks left in this quarter so I’m getting down to the wire with assignments which is my main priority. 

Last week I did a track workout, only the second one I’ve done since November. It went surprisingly well. It felt so good to do a workout and I hope I can repeat this in the weeks to come. The sad reality is that my running is still not consistent and I’m still feeling horrifyingly fatigued when I do run but because “there is nothing wrong with me”, according to doctors, I’m going to resume normal training next week come hell or high water. If I end up worse in the process that’s not my fault because I was responsible and sought out help when I needed it. It’s not my fault that I’m not being taken seriously so I’ll just live my life the way I choose and hope for the best because in these situations that is all a person can do. I may never run high mileage again or PR again due to feeling so bad but at least I can try. 

Aside from that, I’m happy and in a good mood. The weather is better and I have great people in my life so I have no right to complain. 

6 thoughts on “What’s going on Wednesday

  1. I hope the doctors listen and can diagnose you, and you can get some relief. High mileage running or PRing aside, if running is something you love you should be able to do it and love it- whether you are trying to pursue a time goal, running for charity, or just trying to get in 20-30 minutes of exercise each day. You don’t deserve to not feel well! No one does! Hope everything goes well with getting the grad school stuff done too.

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  2. I went through a pretty bad lull at one point. My times were mediocre and I was super tired. Eventually, it went away as mysteriously as it came… I hope you have the same luck! Take care of yourself and good luck with the return to normal training!!

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