Trivial things I learned this weekend

1. I prefer running over the Ben Franklin Bridge to driving over it

2. Risk takers are happier: Some people are risk takers and others are not. I don’t like to take risks often. I usually don’t take risks at all and that is why I sometimes feel like I am stagnant so I have been taking more risks lately and I am happier because of it.

3. I can pass for a college student anywhere I go but looks can be deceiving. Never assume something about a person because more often than not you will be wrong. I graduated in college in 2009 people!! I was at a conference this weekend and working on an a paper for grad school during lunch, sorry if your assumption that I was a student got you lost when you asked for directions because I made them up!!! I know this wasn’t nice but people need to stop assuming things about others.


4. Weather is unpredictable but so is life: Things happen, you just have to deal with them and make the best of the situations you are in

5. Do not drink massive amounts of coffee before any car ride that is more than 30 minutes long because you will get stuck in traffic for close to 3 hours and almost pee your pants. Murphy’s Law is real people!

6. At least one thing your mother tells you will haunt you for the rest of your life, “I don’t care if you have an A already Angela, you need to do the extra credit because you never know what will happen.” Thanks mom, I am 27 years old and doing extra credit when I don’t have to because your right, I don’t know what will happen.

7. You could teach a physics class by using track and field events and athletes as examples

6 thoughts on “Trivial things I learned this weekend

  1. I’d rather run over the Cooper River Bridge than drive over it too. Every time I run, in the pedestrian lane, I see something crazy happen. I saw a ladder fall off the back of a truck once and a car run it over. I’ve seen tons of wrecks and crazy traffic jams too.

    I like passing for a college student. It’s when the free sample ladies in Costco ask where my parents are that annoys me :).


  2. “At least one thing your mother tells you will haunt you for the rest of your life” – that is so profound and SO true! I graduated college in 2009 too and I still love passing for a college kid! Those were the days!


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