A weekend I didn’t blog because it was too good 

Bad stuff happens and then good stuff happens. Good stuff happens and I forget about the bad stuff……..

3 good things came to the surface this weekend as a result of persistence and not loosing sight of my goals. All winter I worked at everything despite the overwhelming amount of negativity I have been faced with. I ran when I could and spent countless hours in my office doing school work, it showed this weekend. 

1. GRADUATE SCHOOL: 3 As in the 3 grad classes I took this semester. This semester was very intense. Luckily, I still managed to do well and I think I learned a lot, not just in regards to my field of study but about myself.  


2. COACHING: I finally finished my USATF level 1 coaching certification on Sunday morning, which I started 3 weeks ago. I drove to Villa Nova 3 days in a row that weekend and sat through the 21 hours of lecture, then I completed 2 modules online, and took a 150 question exam. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and this year I just went for it. It’s a good thing to have and it’s good information. I was able to learn more about sprints, jumps & throws. I love the coaching job I have and I love running so it just seemed like an appropriate time to move forward and become a certified coach. 


3. RUNNING: I ran a race this weekend. I ran a 5k on the track and I ran 20:26, nowhere near a PR but I am happy with it. I haven’t been training and all of my runs lately have been short or pathetic. It felt good to go out and race despite the circumstances I’ve been in and it felt even better to run a time I wasn’t disappointed with. I know I’m not in race shape and I wasn’t even sure I could run this kind of time since I’ve been feeling less than healthy, but I’m so HAPPY with how this went. (A detailed race recap is forthcoming) 

If you survive the bad times good times will follow! If you don’t give up you will always succeed. 😻

If you have goals you will meet them. 

10 thoughts on “A weekend I didn’t blog because it was too good 

  1. Congratulations on your coaching cert, your grades, AND your race! Even if it’s not a PR, it’s awesome to get out there and run a time you’re proud of. Glad things are looking up for you because you deserve it :).

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  2. YES!!! … YES!!! … YES!!! I’m sooooo stinking proud of you!!! 😀 I knew you persistence would produce much deserved sunshine for you. All of those accomplishments are amazing … hugs and high fives from Florida!!! xoxo and ummmmm now that your a coach I might have to hire you at some point lol 😉 I can always use some good advice from a rock star runner. Once again I’m so happy for you!!! This has been a long time coming chica!! 🙂

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