Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday–the time I met a comedian during a 10k 

In 2007 I was running a 10k on the track at njcaa nationals. It was HOT, it was humid, and they were handing out water during the race. I felt like stopping because the race felt so horribly long and it was so hot and humid but I kept running. At some point it ended, thankfully. After the race I was approached by one of the people handing out the water. He introduced himself as a comedian and gave me links to his comedy routines online. I was too nice back then to just say I wanted to be left alone so I took them. The comedian kept in touch with me through aol instant messager for a few months following the track meet and kept asking if I watched his comedy routines. He was now sending me direct links to watch them so I did. They were horrible!!! This comedian was not funny. He was so bad at telling jokes that I started to laugh because it was funny that he wasn’t funny. If your wondering how my race went, it was as good as his jokes……

One thought on “Throwback Thursday–the time I met a comedian during a 10k 

  1. That’s hilarious!! Seems that he mastered the skill of “not” being funny so well that he was actually funny … ummm … errrr does that even make sense :/


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