Hilarious moments

Hilarious & Noteworthy Moments 3/3/15-4/14/15

March 3rd:

I had a 10pm meeting with one of my instructors and I was wearing hello kitty pajama pants because of time zones & video chat.

March 5th:

I posted this tweet, “Doing laundry is like 1k repeats…it is horrible but its the greatest feeling when its over.”

March 7th:

I realized that the program Java has a coffee cup as the symbol because Java is another word for coffee….

I drank a lot of coffee because I had a lot classes

I realized that the majority of the photos on my phone are of my cats….

March 9th:

I was accused of being a student by a stranger and then she got offended when i corrected her……this was awkward on an extreme level

March 12th:

I declared that finding salsa in the cabinet is like finding 5 dollars in your winter coat the following year

March 19th:

I walked on the wild side and wore a sequin shirt to work

March 23rd:

Made a phone call at work and the person answered by saying “yo, who is this?”

March 24th:

I spilled coffee on my scarf and my hair because that is just the kind of stuff that happens to me

March 25th:

I went to so many stores on my way home from work looking for the Lemon Drop EOS lip balm. I couldn’t find it anywhere and then I deemed it to be “rare” and ordered it online.

March 26th:

This day was the 3 year anniversary of the day I first wore a sparkly soul headband

People also kept mumbling or whispering and expected me to be able to hear and understand them…*spoiler alert* I could not hear or understand them and I almost snapped

March 27th:

I did something stupid and by stupid I mean it was so dumb I can’t even remember what it was but I definitely tweeted about it so much that I know I did something stupid

March 28th:

I had no idea what day it was at all this day. I was in a state of confusion for 23 of the 24 hours of this day. I also finished a paper 4 minutes before it was due and received a 97 on it only because it was too long.

March 29th:

I saw one guy teaching another guy how to fight on a street corner in my quintessential small town while I was stopped at a red light

April 1st: 

I had to sit through 2 modules for my coaching certification and I realized how much I hate modules because I associate them with corny scenarios and robot voices

April 2nd:

I found my lost travel mug in the women’s locker room at work. It has been missing since the fall. Now I don’t have a travel mug anymore because that one went into the garbage.

April 5th:


April 8th:

Ran a workout, on the cool down I twisted my foot on a stone. My foot is fine but I think I bit my tongue when this happened bc that hurts

April 9th:

I locked myself out of the house and my car keys were in the house so I couldn’t go to work or get back inside. My coworker made fun of me the entire day after I was able to get to work. I was also leaving early this day to run an errand before work. #murphyslaw

April 11th:

I planted flowers. This isn’t hilarious because I will probably kill these same flowers inadvertently. I do not have a green thumb

April 12th:

Someone [at work] asked me a question. I said I didn’t know the answer to the question because I haven’t been provided with the information yet. For this I received a look of disgust, during that time I imagined what it would be like for the answer to the question to magically appear in my brain and then I drank coffee

April 13th:

Someone was complaining that clothing shouldn’t be sold in small sizes because they don’t sell so I walked over and said “small people do exist.”


4 thoughts on “Hilarious & Noteworthy Moments 3/3/15-4/14/15

  1. You crack me up haha! A sequin dress to work eh’ I would have paid to see that lol. I hate locking myself out especially since that usually means I’m going to do it two more times … lockouts happen in threes for me usually lol


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