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Why I think feeling overwhelmed is okay 

I’m overwhelmed. I have too many things going on and way to many responsibilities at the moment. I feel like the deeper I get into my graduate program the more and more overwhelming it is getting. 

I work at a college and every time a semester ends or begins my work situation gets very stressful. In the spring we have the added bonus of graduation which makes things worse. Basically, the next month [at work] is going to be stressful. 

Aside from that, I just have a lot of extra things I am working on. 

I decided that it is okay that I feel overwhelmed and this is why: 

I am doing things I want to do and working toward long term goals. I am not settling for less than I want in life and I am NOT allowing any limitations to exist. If success came easily then hard work wouldn’t exist. If people didn’t work hard then no one would be successful. I believe that feeling overwhelmed, while it may be momentarily taxing on a person’s mental state, is important to setting and reaching goals and breaking barriers. 

I have met so many people who are negative and miserable because they never did what they wanted. They never followed their dreams or pursued their passion(s) in life. I’ve learned more from these people than I ever learned in school, at a job, through running, or through pursuit of my own goals because I learned that I do not want to be like that. EVER! I came to the realization, last Thursday night after Phil went to sleep and I wrote him a very long letter with all of the things I was worried and overwhelmed about, that all of the sacrifices I am making and all of the days I feel like I’ll never see the end are absolutely going to be worth it. When I reread the letter I saw how much I wanted all of the things I listed and how passionately I wrote about them–It’s going to be worth it in the end. I may be stressed and overwhelmed today but in a few years I will be overwhelmed with happiness and success. 

I suppose my intent today is to remind everyone not to give up, to focus on the end result, and to do things you are passionate about. 

One thought on “Why I think feeling overwhelmed is okay 

  1. Nice write up and such a wise and beautiful outlook because once you have pulled through the overwhelming feeling you will see just how strong you are 🙂


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