Belief & Gratitude

Belief & Gratitude weeks 15-19

Wow. Its been a while since I did one of these posts. Lately, I feel like time is speeding up and I just can’t keep track of what day it is. In the past 5 weeks I have had a lot of stuff going on. Nothing extra ordinary though. You can apply the “tired grad student” stereotype to my life and then add the “person who always works” stereotype to that. Plus, I actually want to train for races so that is happening now too. Of course I am not complaining about this because aside from some stressful days at work I actually really like my life. I am just exhausted and I have no idea what day it is. EVER! So here is a LONG list of all of the things I have been grateful for the past 5 weeks:



IMG_3081  IMG_3033 IMG_3057 IMG_3062


Quiet days at work

Learning to shut down distractions

Going to the movies with phil 2x

Brittany meeting my cats

Getting new sparkly soul headbands

Trio runs and workouts with my 2 favorite training partners

Free coffee day at wawa

Choosing to take the research track for my graduate program and committing to writing a thesis….I thank any readers who stick around until I am done this project in the summer of 2017 in advance. This is scary, time consuming, and exhilarating at the same time!

Garmin free runs

The new coffee shop in my town


Visiting the coffee shop regularly on my way to work

Walking to the coffee shop on weekends

Canceled classes

Migraines that didn’t cause me to throw up. I am not thankful for the migraines, just that they didn’t cause me to throw up.


In my free time I started watching all of the episodes of The Office on Netflix

My photo being taken by the town photographer when I went to the new coffee shop!!

Visiting all of the shops in my town and feeling like I was on vacation even though I was a few blocks from home.

Phil getting me coffee for no reason other than to surprise me

Good long runs

Motivational emails from my program advisor

Working at the Sparkly soul headband booth at the broad street run expo


Not getting lost taking the train into the city

Spending time with family

Seeing friends try out sparkly soul headbands for the first time

Signing up for a secret race

Smelling Lilacs while I ran

Coffee again

FullSizeRender 8FullSizeRender 7

Going to dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in a while

Wearing a shiny skirt to work and loving every minute of it

Falling asleep while doing an assignment, missing the deadline, handing it in late knowing I would loose points, and having my instructor completely overlook the lateness. This was awesome

My motivation to run has returning!

Baking oatmeal cookies

Seeing a random turkey with its feathers up on the side of a busy road


Going to a carnival with Phil

Switching my snowflake tights out for short shorts




Back in January I set a list of goals for myself, on my blog of course, and I would like to revisit them and see what I have accomplished so far on this list since I only have 7ish months left to complete these goals.


1. Find out why I get such bad migraines so I don’t have to suffer with them anymore

I am still not 100% sure why I get migraines. So far I found out I have a lot of food intolerances. A big one is gluten. Another one is peanut butter. Hopefully by the end of the year I have it all figured out

2. (continuation of goal 1) I don’t want to spend anytime in the hospital, urgent care, or emergency room in 2015

So far so good 

3. (continuation of goals 1&2) Feel healthy enough to run faster and to be stronger

Running hasn’t been fantastic but I have a lot of 2015 left 

4. Increase my mileage/Run every day that I feel great, only take off days that I physically can not run or on necessary rest days

I took this to an extreme early on in the year but I am finally figuring out how to run smart 

5. Stay focused on running even on the days that I don’t feel like running

Nope…..failing this so far but last week my motivation returned 

6. Run outside as much as I can when it is freezing cold

HA. NOPE. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Netflix on the treadmill all winter long 

7. Sleep more, go to bed earlier

Not perfect but this has improved and I am sleeping more 

8. Run under 18 minutes in a 5k

NOPE only ran one race this year 

9. Run under 38 minutes in a 10k

N/A haven’t raced a 10k this year 

10. Run under 5 minutes in the 1500

N/A no 1500s in 2015 

11. Do laundry regularly

Regularly is a stretch but the laundry situation isn’t as bad as it was in 2014

12. Buy the domain name for my blog when I reach 100 posts (this is post 98)


13. Make a better effort to see my friends


14. Continue to do well in grad school by keeping that a top priority–changing my career to work in the field of sport psychology is a long term life goal and something I need to work toward every single day of my life


15. (Had this goal for a long time) Be able to do 100 consecutive pushups

HAHAHAHAHA I did 11 today 

16. Dress nicer when I am not running, at a running related event, or doing some type of workout

Improved but not perfect 

17. Run a PR at the 4th of July race

n/a its not July yet

18. Finish making my office into an office, complete with hanging up my 1st Masters Degree

Office is complete, 1st masters degree is on the floor in the original envelope I received it in back in 2011

19. Start lifting more regularly/consistently


20. Learn how to use netflix on the TV


21. Download a new song every week

for the most part yes 

22. Use my gratitude journal and my believe journal!


There is still time left to accomplish or adjust all of these goals and I can’t wait for the rest of the days in 2015! Thank you for continuing to read my blog and supporting the craziness that comes along with knowing me. I appreciate the support of my family and friends (both online and in real life).

Believe and be grateful!!!

3 thoughts on “Belief & Gratitude weeks 15-19

  1. love this grateful idea.!! so many things to be grateful for.! and I secretly love that coffee is mentioned multiple times on the list. haha. My list would be that way too.
    Looks like your goals list is coming out pretty nicely. we’re not half way through the year yet, but you’ve already knocked down a lot of things on your list. Good job.!


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