When life gets too demanding….shop for running clothes

**Disclaimer**I don’t think spending money solves real life problems and I don’t think shopping eliminates stress, but I do think it is nice to reward yourself with things you enjoy sometimes as a way to break up the monotony of the demands of everyday life.

I have been overwhelmed lately with work, grad school, attempting to train normally, laundry, etc. I feel like I have hundreds of different things and projects going on and the demands caused me to be very stressed out less than a week ago. Today I left the house and took my work with me to the local bookstore/cafe’ because I needed a change of scenery. I feel like I got a lot done but I also became frustrated and I needed a break from school. I am mentally drained and that causes me to produce terrible work. Phil texted me and suggested that we go shopping so I can buy some new running clothes as a way to take a break…..I packed up my laptop and books and zoomed home!! Who wouldn’t??

BUTTT… much as I love running clothes I am not willing to spend more than $30 on any piece of clothing I work out in because I tend to ruin it and it gets gross. I can’t even think of a piece of running gear that I have paid more than that for. I am a bargain shopper when it comes to clothes. For this reason, I gravitate toward TJ MAXX and Marshalls, sports authority, and running because I can almost always use a coupon on that website. All of these places have great deals!!

Today I got a lot of nice stuff and it was all very inexpensive!

New Shorts!! Pink $8, Black $15


New sports bras! Pink $12, Green $10. I love the unique backs on these.


Hooded black shirt with thumb holes. Perfect for fall or with layers in the winter. The design on the sides is really cute and the shirt will be a huge staple in my wardrobe when it gets cold again. It never hurts to buy things when they are out of season because they are super discounted…… $10!!!


Another $10 long sleeve shirt. Junior likes it!!!


$20 tights because I fell in love at first sight and I wear half tights year round.


New coffee mug $4. The line to the register in both TJMAXX and Marshalls is lined with impulse buys. This mug is great because it is huge (Notice how big it looks on my Kuerig and next to the regular coffee mug), its bright, and it says #goforit. I love coffee, bright colors, and short sayings like “go for it”. Also, I love twitter and the mug has a hashtag on it.


13 thoughts on “When life gets too demanding….shop for running clothes

  1. You got some really cool deals :). I love marshall’s and TJ Maxx and those impulsive items always get me too, especially the bags of chips/popcorn. I just bought a really fun tank top for summer running from Marshall’s last week and got new shorts too.

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  2. My mom works at tjmaxx ! If you ever are in the howell area let me know cause she can get you a discount 🙂 She always keeps an eye out for stuff to get marked down and when new stuff comes in she always hides it so I can get it lol

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  3. I love this all. I think it’s high time I go shopping too!! It’s been a rough one around here for me. Love love that mug!! And Marshall’s & TJ Maxx are the bomb for sports clothing at cheap prices. Smart girl!!

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  4. Oh my gosh – I love all of your new clothes! I am going to have to check out T.J. Maxx. I never, ever spend more than $25/$30 on running clothing either. For good deals, I like Old Navy and Forever 21!


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