National Running Day

Today, Wednesday June 3rd, is National Running Day! I will not be running until much later tonight because I have a long work day and a class tonight but I can not wait to run on running day. In the past I have had mixed emotions about Running Day because I think, in some ways, every day is running day and every run is special. There have been times where I haven’t been fully on board with the excitement associated with Running Day and then their have been times (like today) that I think Running Day is an awesome way to celebrate how amazing the running community is–It really is amazing. I love the friendships I have made through running over the years and I love how supportive other runners are in every situation.

To celebrate Running Day I want to list some of the things I love about running:

1. Time spent with friends

2. Meeting new people

3. Neon shoes

4. Neon clothes

5. Trails

6. All of the nature I get to see that I would’t see if I didn’t run

7. Running at night

8. Running in storms because its like taking a risk

9. Long runs

10. Racing on holidays

11. Being able to go to any run or race and see someone you know or someone who knows someone you know.

12. Running PRs

13. Running new races

14. The satisfying feeling you get when you run a workout or run on a day you don’t want to….and actually do well

15. Prize money

16. The feelings of motivation, dedication, and accomplishment

17. Happiness and Joy

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