Run 4 Ricky 5k 6/13/15

A few weeks ago I ran the Run 4 Ricky 5k in Buena, NJ. Since then I haven’t blogged a whole lot. My quarter of grad school came to an end last week which kept me extremely busy as I had a lot to do in a little bit of time and now I currently have no electricity–blogging has been on the bottom of my priority list the past 1-2 weeks. Sorry! 

So here is a brief recap of the race: 

I was the 4th woman overall. I ran 20:44. It was hot, humid, and I felt lousy during the race. I also wore runderwear. 

The race was similar to a cross country race. It started in a field and then after about 1 mile on the road went into a trail. After the trail we ran on a shaded bike path for a while before finishing on the feild again. 

The race is for a good cause. It is in honor Ricky Wilcox, a Beuna High School student who was killed in a car accident. All of the proceeds go to a scholarship fund for graduating seniors. 

My mom and Brittany also ran the race. I made them stop for a selfie. 

Yes, I know my eye is shut….

I was 4th overall woman but 1st in my age group so I won a $50 gift card to The Outback Steakhouse.  

I’m in the middle. The other women were 2nd & 3rd in our age group.

In college I didn’t like this restaurant but as an adult it’s not bad! 

Yes, I would do this race again! 

4 thoughts on “Run 4 Ricky 5k 6/13/15

  1. Great job girly- what a cool prize too! I love winning things like gift cards (most around here don’t give super nice prizes for age group, though). $50 is a lot of coconut shrimp which is my favorite thing at Outback ;). Congratulations on another good race and making it through the grad school quarter!


  2. It looks like it was a lot of fun. I really like that Tshirt a lot and now I’m regretting not doing it. I’ve been looking for a bunch of cross country races to do but there aren’t many around!


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