Negative Splitting for the first time EVER!

Last Thursday before I left for Colorado and in the midst of a power outage I ran a very tiny 5k, and for the first time in my life (that I am aware of) I ran negative splits. One of my former college coaches hosts small 5k races every Thursday night in the summer at The University. This is one of those things I can always count on no matter what. I have been participating in these races since high school and I will probably continue to run a few each summer as long as I am living close to The University. I am currently 1 mile away which makes warming up easy because I just run to the start of these races.

Thursday around lunch time Brittany and I spontaneously decided to run this race. Neither of us had electricity and we weren’t necessarily living life comfortably as a result. I had been running all over the place trying to find places with electric during the power outage so that I could complete my errands before I left for vacation. To be honest, I was exhausted and I wouldn’t have ran at all if we didn’t decide to do this race.

The race started at 7. Around 6:30 we ran from my house to the start as a warm up. It had just started to rain but I didn’t mind that at all. The turn out was really small. I don’t even think there were 20 people in attendance, probably because most of our area didn’t have electricity.

When the race started I went out comfortably. About a half mile in I was getting pumped up and wanted to make a move but Brittany told me to relax and that the leader would come back to us. Taking this advice was the best thing I could have done. Often, I go out too fast and run very inconsistent splits. I trusted her instinct and I relaxed. The course was a bit different than usual because there is a lot of construction on campus at the moment but I still felt very comfortable running because this course is so familiar to me. I went through the first mile at 6:36 and then the second mile in 6:35. I felt really good going into the last mile so I just went for it. I ran 6:15 for the last mile and ended up winning the race with a time of 20:01. I think I took the lead with about 1,000 meters to go and I felt strong. I was thrilled to find out that I ran negative splits!

I want to practice starting races more relaxed and building speed near the end. I never feel comfortable running this way but last Thursday I did. Typically, I stress out if my pace is too slow in the beginning of a race but after competing for more than half of my life I am learning that running negative splits is a really strong race strategy–I think its time to try something new in order to achieve the results that I want.

In summary, I am excited that I finally figured out how to run like this and I am thankful that I had Brittany there to keep my pace relaxed in the beginning of the race. It was an awesome way to end a really stressful week.

5 thoughts on “Negative Splitting for the first time EVER!

  1. Congrats on your win and your negative splits! I do the same thing – I want to go after the leader and make a move early on and it always causes me to positive split. I need to remember this on Saturday – I’m running a 15K and want to try to negative split!

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  2. Congratulations on your win and on completing the race despite not having power and the course changes! It rocks that you could just run to the start and spontaneously just go to the race 30 minutes before (you have to get to races pretty early here).

    I agree that just being relaxed is the way to go and I have run my best races that way. I never negative split in a 5K and always go out too fast… 10Ks and half marathons I run more evenly split miles. I’ve noticed that when I go out too fast and die in a race, I am more sore the next day than if my splits are more even and relaxed.

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  3. Congrats on the race!! And negative splits… so impressive! 5Ks are hard, if I can at least hold a relative consistent pace, I’m super excited : ) Hope you have a great day!

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