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Throwback Thursday–The time I fell in love with Colorado <3

Last June (2014) Phil and I took a vacation to Frisco, Colorado and I fell in love with the mountains. Right now we are in Frisco again because I LOVE it here so much. If I could pick up my life and drop it in the Colorado mountains I would do it immediately.

Before I start writing posts about my current vacation to Frisco I wanted to “Throwback” to last year.

It was love at first site. As soon as I saw the mountains I felt like I belonged there. It was magical.

This is me by the Frisco sign. Elevation 9097 feet. For someone who lives about 150 feet above sea level this was a whole new experience.

I immediately became infatuated with altitude. Running was tough but I enjoyed the challenge. I actually like running at altitude more because I enjoy the challenge. This made me LOVE Colorado even more!!


Then I found this mountain track, which I WILL dedicate an entire post to later on. This is my absolute favorite place in the whole entire world. Finding this track made my LOVE for Colorado even stronger!

There are also a ton of cool things to do in Colorado. Last year we went to The Country Boy Mine, The Denver Zoo, The Olympic Training Center, saw a concert in the park, and hiked up several mountains.

Country Boy Mine
See what I did here!??
I also had these delicious nachos!!

Since I loved it here so much we decided to come back a second time and I can’t wait to write about that!!

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