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The Mountain Track–My favorite place in the whole world

I mentioned in an earlier post that I discovered a mountain track while I was running in Colorado. I was instantly amazed at the sight of this track.

The mountain track is nothing more than an asphalt track around a football field. It is next to a school that also has a tennis court and a soccer field. It sounds like a typical old track but it isn’t because it is surrounded by mountains and water!!

You can see the flaws in the surface of this track but the mountains and the water make it an amazing place to run
A close up of the water!

Colorado is the most beautiful place I have ever run and the mountain track is the most amazing track I have ever seen even if it is asphalt. I am sad that both times I went to Frisco I didn’t have any track workouts to do because I would have loved to run a workout on this track. Even 1k repeats, which is my least favorite workout of all, wouldn’t seem so bad if I did them here.

The 100 meter starting line


I hope the mountain track will always be there because each time I go to Colorado I will run on it. I feel so connected with my thoughts and my training when I run there. Something about the atmosphere makes me feel at ease and I suddenly become very focused. This combined with the beauty surrounding the track makes it my favorite place in the whole world. IMG_3530

2 thoughts on “The Mountain Track–My favorite place in the whole world

  1. I’m with you. I don’t like tracks with uneven surfaces or asphalt but you can’t beat a view like that during a workout. I bet Colorado is a beautiful place to run.


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