My birthday race around the river (3.65 miles No Frills Just Thrills Summer Series)

Last week on my birthday (July 7th) I ran another race in the No Frills Just Thrills Summer Series. This race was a lot larger than the previous race in the series and unlike the second race in the series it actually began because there wasn’t a horrible storm. There was an option to run 1 loop (3.65 miles) or 2 loops (7.3 miles). I wanted to run 2 loops but I was feeling horrible as soon as the race started so that quickly changed and I ended up only running one loop.

This race wasn’t actually for my birthday but it fell on my birthday so I took advantage of that and invited all of my friends. Not everyone was able to come but I truly appreciate that everyone who came was there, especially Amanda because she lives in Oklahoma. I like to believe that she flew all the way back to New Jersey just to run this race on my birthday even if her being here was just a coincidence. Amanda is a friend and teammate from high school as well as a very fast runner. I was glad to catch up with her on my birthday. Lyndsey also attended my birthday race and even met me after work so we could drive together. The whole ride I basically complained about not having a phone, traffic, and getting lost but we made it there in one piece!! The best surprise of all was that Phil came to my birthday race and ran it! He hasn’t raced in a realllllyyyyy long time but for my birthday he decided to run the race. Three other former athletes were in attendance and it made me happy to see that they are all still friends even though they have gone and will continue going their separate ways in life.


I don’t have any photos because I didn’t have a phone last week BUT if you are creative you can imagine a series of photos with everyone posing in a group before and after the race.

The race itself was identical to the one I ran 4 weeks before. I literally ran the same time (24:45). I felt miserable the whole race. I was hot, hungry, and tired. The race couldn’t end soon enough but when it did end they had water ice (for my birthday of course) for all of the runners. I ended up placing 7/312 and I was the second female. Amanda won and I was thrilled that I placed 7th overall because it was July 7th–it truly was my birthday race. I won another glass. My goal is to have a set of at least 4 by the end of the summer. I think that is possible.

The next race in the series is a prediction race. You can not wear a watch or garmin. Before the race begins you have to predict your time and whoever runs the closest to the time they predicted wins. Since I ran the same time both times I did this race I would say I have a pretty good chance!

Again, thank you to everyone who attended my birthday race!

3 thoughts on “My birthday race around the river (3.65 miles No Frills Just Thrills Summer Series)

  1. So much fun that there was a race on your birthday! I could think of no better way to celebrate with friends… Now if they only had road races in the middle of January : )


  2. I don’t know they don’t plan more races on your birthday. Rude LOL. I’m glad you had a good time despite being sick. I need to get out there and do one of these at some point.


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