Colorado Series

Other things we did in Colorado

This will be my last Colorado post unless I go back to Colorado, which I’m sure I will. Just like bread and milk, the relevance my vacation also has an expiration date.  

So here is a list of things that we did that haven’t already made it on the blog: 

– We went to a coffee tasting and leaned all about brewing coffee. 

-We went canoeing and ate lunch on an island 

Phil took a picture of me taking a picture to post on my blog
We toured the Frisco museum and I met a bear
I took a photo of this painting of the colorado flag
I took photos of motivational words I saw
We attended a concert in the park
We saw a goat
I hiked over a stream while wearing a sparkly soul headband
This was at the top of a mountain

-I went to the highest running store in America (9,600 ft) 

-We ate second breakfast after my long run at the Butterhorn cafe, the best restaurant in Frisco according to Trip Advisor. Each table had its own unique salt & pepper shaker.    

-I wore my new metallic hoodie on the mountain track. 

-Phil & I realized we have been married for 5 years 

-I fantasized about living in Colorado 

-We learned that in Colorado they have mountain traffic just like New Jersey has shore traffic 

6 thoughts on “Other things we did in Colorado

  1. I still think the mountain track is amazing. That would make track workouts way more pleasant! It looks like you guys had a wonderful time, and did a variety of activities. Now I want to go to Colorado- you’ve sold me on it :).

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