Optimistic outlooks

Life is Blessed 

You wake up late in a panic–you forgot to set your alarm clock last night because you have been working so much and fell asleep on the couch because you are exhausted. You need to leave for work right now! Your hair looks horrendous and breakfast is still in the kitchen cabinet as you are driving down the street. Additionally, your lunch remains in the refrigerator. Your bag is in the closet, and now subsequently you can not accomplish anything you need to accomplish today. On top of that you hardly look professional and couldn’t even tell someone what you were wearing, you got dressed that quickly. You barely make it to your job on time and people are waiting to get into your building before you actually open the doors. Your coworker is playing country music–you HATE country music. You have tolerated it thus far but today may be the day you snap! You go to the cafe to grab a coffee–CLOSED! Clearly this isn’t your day. You sulk back to your desk feeling overly defeated and drink imaginary coffee, which doesn’t help. The two most difficult people you have ever met come up to you, simultaneously, and you can’t figure out what you have done to deserve this. One nearly brings you to tears but you refuse to cower in her presence and you accommodate her just so she will go away because you have hit your breaking point. When they both finally leave you think it can’t get any worse and you feel revealed. Then a man who never fails to make you feel horrible about yourself takes a jab at you and makes you, once again, feel worthless. Yupp, today isn’t your day. All the while you keep you cool and try not to snap or turn negative but you know that you aren’t doing a good job.Then you spill water all over yourself causing you to drop the one granola bar you found in your purse and the first thing you’ve tried to eat all day on the floor. Its 4 o’clock, only one more hour before you can go home. When you leave work you realize that you have a long night ahead of you and that you most likely have to go right to the grocery store if you want to eat dinner tonight. The grocery store is jam packed for a Tuesday, your patience with the 3 small children in the line ahead of you are wearing thin. In the parking lot you have a meltdown in your car because the day had finally caught up with you. You go home, the mail didn’t come again and the letters you are waiting for are nowhere to be found, your cat tore the tablecloth off the dinning room table again, and a light bulb is out. You decide to just go to bed and start over tomorrow but before you do you take a minute to thank God for giving you today even if it was horrible because not everyday is guaranteed and not everybody got to experience today. You remind yourself that LIFE IS BLESSED, that is how you get through these days.

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