Multi-tasking Madness

Sometimes I am an incredible multi-tasker. Other times I get very distracted when I multi-task and I start too many projects at the same time. Last night I was a multi-tasking wizard. I cleaned my kitchen, attended a twitter party for sparkly soul’s 4th birthday, and listened to my lectures for grad school all at the same time. My kitchen was gross and I needed to listen to my lectures so I figured why not do both at the same time. Then I didn’t want to miss the twitter party for sparkly soul’s birthday so I pulled up twitter on my laptop and it all just worked out. I was tweeting, learning, and mopping all at the same time! Sorry, I do not have a picture. 

I ran immediately after work with Brittany and when I got home I had 2 new sparkly soul headbands in the mail! They came just in time for the twitter party! Naturally, I wore these while tweeting, cleaning the kitchen, and listening to the lectures. I couldn’t decide which one to wear so I wore them both! I love being a sparkly soul ambassador and I love what I am studying in grad school. I do not love cleaning my kitchen….at all. The first two tasks made cleaning the kitchen less miserable.

 FullSizeRender IMG_3630

You could say I am just offsetting the hatred for mundane tasks with tasks that I enjoy but I prefer to call it multitasking.

Happy Tuesday!!

3 thoughts on “Multi-tasking Madness

  1. I have some of those Sparky Soul headbands and like them; i won them in a giveaway on some blog. They get soaked with sweat when I run but so does everything else, I do like them because they are thin and I used to wear Bondi Bands more but those are so hot! I have never thought of wearing 2 sparkly soul headbands but your hair looks cute so I may try it now.

    Our kitchen is always a mess. It’s hard to keep one clean when you eat 3x a day at least and also my husband cooks and doesn’t always put things away. Plus sometimes I have just enough time to eat and not really time to clean…


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