Rambling & Ranting at Random

I know my posts have been nearly nonexistent lately. I have a ton of work and I am not exaggerating. I am sure the internet is sick and tired of hearing about my piles of work and how busy I am at my job but this is reality and those things are not allowing me to blog as frequently as I would like to. You guys are missing out on some fantastic posts that I haven’t been able to write because life won’t allow me too, but sadly I can’t even remember all of the things I wanted to write about so I am going just rant about all of the cluttered thoughts in my head.

Here is a good one: How is it possible that I am currently hiring people at work who were born in 1997? Seriously, this makes me feel so old and I am only 28. I don’t even feel like a grown up and I can’t even understand how people are so young. Its just so weird……..

And another: Thanks Mom and Dad for forcing me into adulthood when I started college because had you followed me around while I was at college and did all of the talking for me I would have failed at life. Helicopter parents are going to cause me to put on a parachute and jump!!!!!

Pumpkin spice pumpkin spice pumpin spice EVERYTHINGGGGGGGG. Fall is comingggggg fall is cominggggggg

XC is comingggggg

If I can survive the next 2 weeks I can do anything. So much work, so much studying, so many assignments, so little time

I have a new hot pink hoodie that I want to wear but its 90 degrees 😦

Long runs are getting longer and blue gatorade is the best gatorade

I am trying to become a morning person…wish me luck. Some days just start earlier than others

I haven’t been to the beach all summer but I spent a week in the mountains and I wouldn’t trade that for a single day at the beach. I love the ocean but its too crowded in the summer time. I would prefer to go to the beach in the off season and have the whole beach to myself and walk barefoot along the water’s edge collecting seashells and wearing a long sleeve shirt while watching dolphins jump in the unoccupied ocean.

Our front door is so squeaky and I can’t stand the sound it makes. At least if someone were to break in during the night it would wake me up and I would be able to escape out the window in time. Our noisy door is like an alarm system.

Last night when I was running I was craving sugary fruit punch and we don’t have fruit punch. Last time I made fruit punch (from a kool aid packet) I didn’t know you had to add sugar and I just dumped the packet in water and it tasted horrible. I haven’t had fruit punch since then and I finally think I am over that bad experience.

Laundry….HA! No, I haven’t done any laundry lately and I don’t plan to until I have no clean shorts

As an undergrad I never understood statistics and now I still don’t understand statistics. I am struggling to learn statistics now and its only teaching me that I should have spent more time learning statistics and trying to retain the information instead of memorizing the information without comprehending it and forgetting it the moment an exam was over. We usually build upon things we learn in life and in academics and not having the proper knowledge or foundation is never good. Its always good to take the extra time you need to learn or understand something so that you can build upon it.

7 thoughts on “Rambling & Ranting at Random

  1. That’s how I feel too “If I can survive the next two weeks, I can survive anything”. It sounds like you have been really busy. I’m glad things are going well and I do hope you get to relax sometime soon!


  2. I live so close to the beach but haven’t gone at all this summer! I’m waiting for “locals summer” to begin in like 2 weeks 🙂


  3. I feel so old lately too. I realize that the kids going into high school never experienced the 1990s and even the kids in college are too young to remember things like 9-11 that were from my teenage years. Plus that mindset list came out and it makes me feel old too… I’m not even 30 yet!

    You will get through work and these next two weeks. Your track record for getting through hard things is 100% :). I know that’s corny but I always tell myself that.


  4. Statistics was the bane of my existence in graduate school. I still don’t even really know what is going on haha. I hope you are having a good day and things slow down a bit for you soon! 🙂


  5. I have met way too many people who are still much too dependent on their parents for things. If you don’t know what pots/pans you have in your apartment because you’re mom/dad brought them and put them away for you, there’s a problem. I’m glad my parents let me have the freedom to be independent so that I know what’s going on in the “real world”. We’ve been blessed with parents who know how to let go just enough so that we can make mistakes and learn on our own without them!


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