When the leaves are too many colors to count

Fall is beautiful. Fall is thousands of leaves that are too many colors to count. Fall is my favorite season. I love it. I love cross-country. I love pumpkin spice. I love wearing long sleeve shirts and shorts. I love running in leaf covered trails. I love fall scenes that include pumpkins, scarecrows, and hay bails. I love wearing sweaters and hoodies and boots!

I hate that fall is winter’s welcoming committee. I hate that fall brings months of darkness, frost, running in the dark, and quadruple the amount of laundry from the layers of hoodies, sweaters, and long sleeve shirts. But still, I love those leaves that are too many colors to count.

Fall has a feeling and that feeling makes me smile. Falls brings change–change in the seasons, change in the weather, and change regarding when morning and night begin and end. In some cases things change without us noticing. IMG_4134

Every weekday I drive down this road. It is the same road I have been driving down for years. Actually, I can date the first time I drove down this road back to 10 years ago. Truthfully, I never pay attention until fall when the leaves start to change even though things change every day. For instance, the road has been rerouted, construction has surrounded the road, the road has been closed a few times, the road has been covered in ice and snow, it has been flooded, and it has even suffered with pot holes over the years. The road has had its ups and downs and gone through a series of changes in the midst of everyday life, but for some reason the changing leaves are the only thing that ever stand out to me. Through this, I have learned a very valuable lesson. Change is happening all around us even if we don’t notice or pay attention to it. The things that we don’t notice are sometimes the biggest and most significant changes. You don’t have to wait for the leaves to become too many colors to count to recognize that change is upon you if you just look more closely everyday.

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