Everything that has happened since Wednesday 


1. I went to work and did a lot of paper work and answered a lot of less than intelligent questions 

2. I went to the running store to pick up my race packet for the bridge run that I forgot about later in the week 

3. Drank coffee 

4. Ran a workout in a monsoon late at night with Aysha and Robyn 

Wednesday was also the day Aysha came to stay with me so that we could work at the 1/2 marathon expo on Thursday. 


1. Woke up and drove to the train station while drinking coffee

2. Rode the train into Philadelphia for the expo 

3. Set up the sparkly soul booth! Working at the expos and selling sparkly souls is my favorite thing to do!  

4. Met lots of runners and sold sparkly souls 

5. Walked back to the train station after I bought myself more sparkly souls 😻

6. Drove home and ran for an hour with Aysha 


1. Woke up and got ready to go to Rhode Island while drinking coffee

2. Drank coffee 

3. Left the house without running shoes and had to turn around and go back home because I can’t run in moccasins 

4. Finally arrived at the college with running shoes 

5. Drove from New Jersey to Rhode Island. We had an all girl van for the first time in almost 2 years 

6. Went to chilis and had nachos! 

7. Fell asleep doing work for grad school 


1. Woke up and made oatmeal in the hotel room 

2. Made sure I didn’t look hideous and shoved my stuff in my bag 

3. Drove to the XC course 

4. Saw the moon in the day time  

5. Watched the XC races 

6. Drove home from Rhode Island 

7. Came home to find that I have once again missed Halloween. Ninja wasn’t pleased  

8. Panicked and remembered I had a race in the morning 😖

9.  Stayed up doing work for grad school 

10. Fell asleep 


1. Reluctantly got ready for the race and miserably stumbled out the door 

2. Showed up to the race later than I should have and barely warmed up 

3. Found my friends and teammates and immediately cheered up 

4. Started the race 

5. Got my foot stuck in the expansion tracks on the bridge and hurt myself within the first mile. 

6. Kept running 

7. Finished the race  

8. Went to breakfast with Phil 

9. Drank coffee 

10. Finished my assignments 

5 thoughts on “Everything that has happened since Wednesday 

  1. Congrats on your bridge run! Our bridge run here is called the Cooper River Bridge Run and I like how yours has Cooper in the name as well. Also, I’m not sure how much say you have in Sparkly Soul, but they should definitely consider the 2016 Cooper River Bridge Run expo… just sayin’. They would sell a lot of headbands.

    Glad that XC went well even if you missed Halloween (at least you have those Mr. Goodbars, right?).


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