Ben Franklin Bridge Run (10K 41:04)

After driving home from Rhode Island Saturday afternoon/night I found myself very unprepared to run a race on Sunday morning. In fact, I nearly forgot I planned to race and if it hadn’t been for Phil asking what time the race was and ,of course, twitter I might have slept for a week straight and missed the Bridge Run entirely.

Saturday night I had a ton of homework to do and I was super tired. Thank goodness for that extra hour of sleep! I hate daylight savings time because I hate the dark and I hate the cold but for one hour Sunday morning I welcomed it.

The Bridge Run started at 8:30am. I work up at 7am and left the house close to 7:30am. If you know me at all you know I HAVE to be at a race at least an hour ahead of time because I have an irrational fear of missing the start. Sunday I abandoned this fear and leisurely made my way to the race. I didn’t care, which is unusual for me. I desperately just wanted to get through the race.


About 7:50am I started warming up and found Greta, Jen, and Michelle. This was a miracle considering that this was a large and crowded race. I ran a total of 6 minutes for a warm up. Warming up is another thing I am usually obsessive about, but not Sunday.

It wasn’t cold this year and it wasn’t windy. I was wearing my new uniform for the first time and I felt really good about that. I felt calm and I felt happy to be surrounded by like minded people. Running should be fun and running should bring us joy.

When the race started I was still calm. I felt a little sluggish but mostly exhausted. I didn’t run Friday or Saturday because I just didn’t have the time. Around the first mile I got my foot stuck in the expansion grid on the bridge. I now have a bruise on my right foot. I have perpetually been injuring this same foot for the past few years and I had a bruise on it just a few weeks ago from a root. Thankfully, its never anything major. I did my best to brush it off and keep running. It wasn’t until the 3rd mile that I felt like I finally regained my rhythm and stride.

I felt good running but my garmin was on my dresser so I had no idea what my pace was like. All I wanted to do was run 7 minute pace since I hadn’t run for a few days. This was the conversation I had with Lyndsey the night before and it seemed very realistic considering the stress I was under the week leading up to this race.

During miles 4-6 I remember feeling strong and I felt really energized at mile 5 when I saw Hollie and friends at the water stop. The last mile was almost a blur until I saw the entrance into Campbell’s Field to finish. I caught two men but because I am so short and they were tall they passed me back as we were finishing.

My time was 41:04 and good enough for 3rd in my age group. It wasn’t my best time for this course but it wasn’t my worst. I was happy with having a subpar race (to my standards). My mind wasn’t right going into this race. I wasn’t focused and my attitude was terrible. I just wasn’t myself. I was negative and pessimistic and honestly I didn’t feel like me. This has been going on the past few days and finally today I brought myself out of this rut and I am recapping my race with brutal honesty. I am thankful for my ability to run decently under poor circumstances, I am thankful to run decently when I have no desire to run, and I am thankful to run decently when I have a lot of negative thoughts and self doubts running through my mind. I learned that I am stronger than I sometimes think I am and that I can do things even if I don’t want to.

After I finished the race I found myself surrounded by friends and teammates and we ran into Liz on the cooldown! Being with other runners lifted my mood immediately! I was so grateful for that. In running, I have found that the journey toward any finish line is richer when you are not running alone. Every runner has a different story and a different experience during a race but every runner crosses the same finish line in their own way at their own time. The best part of running with others is that you can be a part of a novel and not just a short story.

5 thoughts on “Ben Franklin Bridge Run (10K 41:04)

  1. This is perfect! Great job on your race performance even though it wasn’t your best. And running friends are the best! So glad you found support in some like-minded people when you were feeling mentally exhausted and unprepared. Can’t wait to see you soon!


  2. Congratulations on placing in your age group and getting through the run even without being fully prepared and having to deal with work and stress. It’s amazing that you can do so well even under those circumstances. Not every run or race will be our best but you completed it injury-free (minus the bruise) and beat your 7 min/mile goal as well. Great job!


  3. I’m so glad we got to hang out and win cool prizes at this race! I’m glad your foot ended up being okay – that would have really thrown me off, too. Even on your sub-par days, you’re inspiring to me!


  4. That was a hard course and you looked strong running by. Not every run will be the best run but I’m glad you got through it and are heading into taper strong. I cannot wait for our date on Tuesday!


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