#Staycation2015 part 1

If you remember or if you read my blog last year you might remember #staycation2014, the time I didn’t go to work but I didn’t go on vacation either.

Before I opted for #staycations we would take fall vacations, but graduate school has since taken priority over fall vacations. I still love to travel but since I don’t have a lot of free time I also like to stay home and do nothing or do ordinary things I can’t do because I am always working, coaching, running, or doing schoolwork.

So, right now I am experiencing the joy of #staycation2015 and although I haven’t decorated for Christmas(yet) I have done some other things.


Slept half the day. I was so tired from traveling to Massachusetts and back for XC nationals. Both teams finished 6th and we came home with 2 All-Americans!

Watched the final 3 episodes of 7th Heaven

Felt sad and angry because I had watched all 11 seasons of 7th Heaven and I still hate the ending

Did a week’s worth of schoolwork in 5 hours

Snuggled with the kittens


I sent a package and it was liberating. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders after I mailed it.

I went to Sneakers & Spokes, a new local running and biking shop.

I bought a new pair of Altra shoes, the Altra Torin, while I was at Sneakers & SpokesIMG_4366

Ran 4 miles in the Torins then put them away until after I run the marathon. Running in them is like running on a cloud.

Went to dinner with Phil’s family for his mom’s birthday. I had coffee at dinner and this was the only cup of coffee I had all day

Snuggled with the kittens


I cleaned my bedroom

Put on my flannel snowman sheets (I am welcoming the holiday season)

I donated 2 bags of clothes that I don’t wear and threw one bag of clothes away that were to old to keep salvaging.

Ran 7 miles

Started watching a long documentary for grad school and fell asleep within the last 20 minutes

Took this picture


Snuggled with the kittens


Watched the end of the documentary and rewatched the documentary

Finished the project I had to watch the documentary for

Lit my red velvet candle


Drank coffee while doing work


Ran The Michigan workout for the 2nd year in a row and I was pleased with my consistency


So far I am enjoying #staycation2015. I haven’t done a whole lot but I am enjoying being at home, getting caught up on household chores, getting caught up with grad school, sleeping, and spending time with my cats. Andddddd, I still have 4 days left for fun!

9 thoughts on “#Staycation2015 part 1

  1. I liked your staycation recap and I will have to try the Michigan workout. I’ve never heard it called that but I’ve done similar ladder workouts. I think I may even suggest it to my friends for our weekly speedwork.


      1. Its basically 1 mile @5k, 1 mile at 5k +1 min, 1200 at 5k, 1 mile at 5k+1 min, 800 at 5k, 1 mile at 5k +1 min, 400 hard.

        With warm-up and cool down I got 9 miles since I warmed up 1.5 miles and cooled down 2. Its confusing to explain but basically if your 5k pace is 7 min miles you run the mile at 7 min pace then roll right into another mile at 8 min pace then roll into the 1200 at 5k then another 8 minute mile then the 800 at 5k then another 8 minute mile then a hard 400. Its basically a continuous workout. My middle miles were a bit fast, closer to my threshold pace but I ran the whole workout on feel since I haven’t ran a 5k since July. There technically isn’t recovery, its just a slower but still hard pace in the middle of the reps. I hope my explanation makes sense…..

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