#Staycation2015 part 2


I went to lunch with Hollie and drank several cups of coffee while wearing running clothes and my new snow boots–it wasn’t snowing but it was raining

I walked around my house with a shoelace and the cats went crazy. The amount of joy a shoelace can bring to a house with cats is incredible


Friday was the day I lit my peppermint bark candle (I love candles)

Phil and I walked around town and I proved to him that our town was indeed preparing for Christmas

Friday was also Friday the 13th, a black cat’s favorite day. Luckily, I have an adorable black cat who loves to spend Friday the 13th spreading cuteness everywhere

IMG_4364 2 IMG_4374 2

Junior wasn’t thrilled he wasn’t getting special attention so he took over the bathroom, also spreading cuteness

IMG_4363 2

I also realized how much I just love my cats and how much I do sound like a crazy cat lady, but they truly bring me happiness on my worst days


I mean look how adorable they are ^


I cleaned my kitchen, it was gross.

I sat through a seminar on anger and trauma and how they are related to and can influence sports

I spent most of the day and night Saturday locked in my office trying to get caught up, and then ahead on school work. I did get caught up and until next Sunday I might stay ahead–Its debatable. Grad school is a never ending battle of staying caught up. Even when I am ahead I am somehow behind.

After a terribly long and draining day academically, I decided to put up most of my Christmas decorations! I love Christmas so I never hesitate to decorate, I also can’t see a time in the future when I’ll have a lot of time to decorate so I took advantage of this opportunity.



Once again I spent most of the day doing schoolwork, all day actually.

As #staycation2015 comes to an end with this blog post I am happy to report that I have learned a lot about myself. Not only did I get caught up on household chores and my graduate work, I discovered who I am when I am not tied to the daily obligations of work and the stress of my typical everyday life. That itself was liberating. I like who I am when I am free to be me and I hope that in the future I can find this happiness for more than one week out of the year. Its nice to be yourself 24/7 and even though I have to resume normal activities and normal life now I am going to do my best to be true to myself and be myself even in my life outside of #staycation because its not fair any other way.

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