26 things I saw while running the Philadelphia Marathon 

Sunday I ran the Philadelphia marathon in 3:29:04. I will write a comprehensive recap about that soon but for now I want to share 26 things I saw while running the marathon. They are in no particular order. 

1. A woman holding a sign revealing to her husband or boyfriend that she was pregnant 

2. A guy wearing a drifit shirt that looked like a Christmas sweater 

3. A sign that said Christmas village 

4. A person in a unicorn costume 

5. People giving out beer somewhere around mile 20

6. Mile markers that were inaccurately placed 

7. A huge hill 

8. The longest finishing chute of my life. By the time I walked to the end I could have walked back to NJ 

9. The zoo 

10. A sign that said, “I need to run 10 more miles but first let me take a selfie”

11. Santa 

12. Lots of sparkly soul headbands 

13. The turn off point for the half marathon runners 

14. Gatorade 

15. My teammates and friends 

16. A girl wearing hot pink tights. I was jealous 

17. The elites on their way to the finish while I still had miles to go 

18. The 30k mark 

19. Lots of things I could have tripped on but didn’t 

20. Water cups all over the ground 

21. A sign that said Manayunk 

22. The art museum 

23. The Drexel university bridge 

24. The spot on Kelly drive where I died during my very first half marathon 

25. My hair in my face from wind 

26. The finish line 

9 thoughts on “26 things I saw while running the Philadelphia Marathon 

  1. Very cool blog,,, loved the pregnancy revealing
    And that selfie sign was so darn cute! The finish was the best I am sure😄 So proud of you Love mom


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