A 13 item holiday gift guide for women who like to run

Bloggers all over the world are writing holiday gift guide posts. After giving this idea a lot of thought I decided that I was going to write one too, if nothing else this will be a list of stuff I like.

  1. Believe I am Journal:$18.95 I love this journal. I received one as a gift last Christmas and I have used it every single day this year. It keeps me motivated and it helps me organize my thoughts. I also enjoy having a personal running log. I like knowing that my runs are my own and I find peace with knowing that people can’t see them unless I choose to share my journal. The Believe I am Journal has helped me realize that running is a personal journey before it is a shared journey. It has stopped me from comparing myself to other runners.
  2. Sparkly Soul Headbands: $15-$17 We all know I love sparkly souls. If you need more information about why I love them I wrote a post about it once! Just know these are no slip, no headache, full elastic headbands and you can run forever and they won’t budge!
  3. Zensah compression sleeves/socks: Runners need these because our legs get sore.
  4. Road ID: $19.99 Everyone needs a Road ID. Its just a good idea.
  5. The Stick: $42.50 All runners get sore and this helps! I actually like the travel stick better and that is only $27.50. It fits perfectly in my backpack!
  6. Wool Socks: I ordered wool socks from Amazon and they came all the way from China. A regular person can find these at almost any store and own them immediately. I had to wait almost a month for mine to take a cross-contenential voyage before making their way into my mail box. Running in the winter is no fun and wool socks will keep your feet warm.
  7. Shirts with thumb holes: I like any and all shirts with thumb holes but recently I bought Arizona brand thumb hole shirts  from JC Penny. They are currently priced at $11.99. I also really like the Oiselle Flyte shirt because it has amazing thumb holes. The shirt is expensive but I got mine on super sale and wear it often. Any shirt with a thumb hole is great because it keeps your hands warm while running, and if you are like me you’ll wear them when you aren’t running too.
  8. EOS Lip Balm and hand lotion  $3-$4: Winter leaves many runners with chapped lips and hands. I love EOS products year round but I find myself using them even more in the winter months. I have them everywhere, my purse, my yoga bag, my running backpack, my desk at home, my desk at work, and of course many jacket pockets.
  9. Coffee mugs: Not a travel mug, a legit coffee mug. I usually find really cute ones at TJMAXX or Marshalls for only a few dollars a peice. I have never met a runner that doesn’t like coffee. I am sure runners that do not like coffee exist but they are dangerously outnumbered. Runners love to drink coffee while logging miles in their training log, well I do anyway.
  10. Inspirational words: Runners love inspirational words. If someone wrote the word “Believe” or “Dream” neatly on paper and put it in a dollar store frame and gave it to me as a gift I would be happy forever….basically anything with inspirational words or quotes is a good gift for a runner or any athlete. Saying something encouraging or motivational is an even better gift.
  11. A gift card to a local running store: As much as I love to shop online, local running stores usually have pieces of clothing that are unique to that store or area. Also, the experience of going to a running store is another method of socializing and making friends.
  12. A scarf: Although I don’t run with scarves, I love them and I love wearing them even more when it is freezing cold out. Runners love to go to brunch after races and long runs and scarves are the perfect way to keep warm while refueling and sipping coffee with friends.
  13. Any piece of clothing that is neon: The brighter the better and the brighter the clothing the less likely a person is to get hit by a car when running in the dark winter mornings or nights.


5 thoughts on “A 13 item holiday gift guide for women who like to run

  1. I love your list! Costco has those EOS lip balms and I’ve thought about trying them for the winter months since my lips chafe pretty bad lately. Sparkly Soul headbands are the best and stay put, I get a lot of compliments on mine when I wear it to races too. All of these are great gifts and I like that they are all reasonably priced as well. I hate it when I see those gift lists and all the items are $50+.

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    1. I love EOS! And sparkly souls. They are my weaknesses. I also don’t like to spend tons of money so I opted to list reasonably priced things.Also, I was stalling my assignments for grad school by writing this….you may say my holiday spirit is too high!!

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  2. Coffee mugs. Yes.

    All of these are things I like too. Gift cards to running stores are definitely the best for someone looking or needing to change shoes. Running stores are how I make all of my friends too LOL.

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