Altra Ambassadorship! 

FullSizeRender 8Last night I checked my email, I was excited to find a wonderful email from Alta Running that stated I had been selected to be a part of the 2016 ambassador team!

I was thrilled! I wasn’t expecting to be accepted into the ambasssdor program since I have only been running in Altra shoes since this past August. I don’t have enough words to explain how happy I am and how excited I am to have been given this opportunity.

I started running in Altra shoes after I did a quick Google search seeking a shoe that wouldn’t make my feet or toes bleed. I don’t remember exactly what I typed in but eventually I typed “shoes with a wide toe box”, and I found Altra. I found blogs, websites, and plenty of reviews. Then I did my own personal research and asked a few people I knew, that run in Altras, what their thoughts were. All of my sources assured me that these shoes wouldn’t make my feet bleed. So, since I like to buy things online, I ordered a pair of Altras online while eating lunch one day.

These were the shoes I ordered, the Altra Olympus. I took them immediately out of the box the day they came and ran 15 miles. I am a risk taker and my feet were a mess so I ignored the directions to gradually transition to them. The shoes were incredible. No blood, no blisters, no soreness, no problems. *I recommend transitioning to Altras properly if you are thinking of trying them, I just like to live life on the edge sometimes* 

I liked these shoes but I thought they had too much cushion for me so I paid a visit to our newest local running store Sneakers & Spokes and ordered a more neutral pair of shoes, the Altra Intuition 2.

I fell in love with them. I even ran my first marathon in them a few weeks ago. No blisters, no blood, no foot pain!

Before the marathon I went back to Sneakers & Spokes and I bought a pair of Altra Torins, for when I started training again.

This week I started training again, for nothing in particular, and I started running in my new Torins! I LOVE them.

I had no idea running could be this painless! For that reason, I am proud to be an Altra ambassador for 2016. No blood, no blisters, no foot pain! #zerolimits #embracethespace

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