2 of the 5 days of RED

Snowflakes everywhere

But there is no chill in the air

Snowflakes are everywhere because its Christmas season…….

^This is the song I have been singing the last few days. It is exceptionally warm in New Jersey right now. Despite the warmth, I have snowflakes everywhere. Well, mostly just on my running pants and a few other pieces of clothing.

A pair of my snowflake pants

This week began the 5 days of RED! If you are new to my blog I’ll catch you up, the 5 days of RED is the last full work week before Christmas and I wear red to work to spread holiday cheer. I am also filled with joy!! I am pretty sure my coworkers think I am a loon but by the end of the week they will start wearing red too.


Many people enjoyed my festive outfit on Monday. Phil said it was a bit over the top but that is still up for debate. I was in a great mood all day at work. I even wore my green peacoat to add another layer of festiveness!!



Since I took this photo while I was eating lunch at work and propped my phone up on my water bottle while using the timer, I didn’t capture the red shoes I was wearing. Use your imagination. I assure you I looked festive!



We decorated our tree Monday night. Then I had a meltdown. I am currently in the tedious process of writing my research proposal. I can’t figure out how to format page numbers in MS Word the way that I need too. I cannot have a page number on the title page, the pages for the table of contents need to use roman numerals, then the actual numbers need to begin after that. If anyone knows how to format MS Word this way please email me. I try to be calm and rational but MS Word will put me on the edge of a cliff with the computer over the edge every time.


I only ran 3 miles Monday and I didn’t run Tuesday. I haven’t slept enough to run. Today is another day and a day I will not stay up until  3am doing things for grad school.

This is exactly what it looks like while I work on my research proposal. This isn’t a staged picture. Phil took this picture for no particular reason other than he thought I would want to see what this looks like.


Do I look happy? Focused? Distressed? Exhausted? Furious at MS Word? Interested? I think I look like someone who desperately needs coffee.


3 thoughts on “2 of the 5 days of RED

  1. I think you look really festive in your red for work (and your hair is really cute too- it’s neat to see what everyone looks like without running clothes sometimes). I hope you figure out the page numbers in Word but I am really no expert on that… I’d be in the same spot you’re in.

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  2. I think there might be a way to format Word so you don’t have page numbers on the title page but I’ll have to play around with it again before I figure it out because I’ve had the same issue beforehand..


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