Christmas Recap

My affinity for the Christmas season shouldn’t be a secret to anyone who has known me for more than a few minutes. I am always way to excited about Christmas, and all other holidays.

On Christmas Eve I had planned on attending a group run out of a local running store. The run was canceled because of the predicted storms that morning. It was sad. After the rain and storms had passed Lyndsey and I decided to go for a run on our own. It was 70 degrees! I couldn’t believe (or understand) how warm it was in December. We saw Santa driving around town on a fire truck handing out candy canes and I had no shirt on. This was the most bizarre experience I have had in a while. It felt like summer, yet Santa was handing out candy canes and it was Christmas Eve! Instead of Christmas in July we were having July at Christmas. 

After we ran I got ready to go to my parent’s house for Christmas Eve dinner. I have a few dresses that I wear on Christmas Eve and I rotate them each year. This year my zebra print dress with the red bow was up. I am especially proud of this dress because it fits perfectly and it was on sale when I bought it in college several years ago. IMG_4563

We had eggnog, coffee, and wine with strawberries. We ate dinner too. I was mostly excited about the eggnog since that is a seasonal drink. I love eggnog.

The past few years my mom has been giving out prizes at Christmas Eve dinner. Once again I didn’t win, but there is always hope for next year.

My parents gave me a really cool candle from that smells like lavender. Inside the candle there is a hidden ring that can be valued anywhere from $10-$7500. I thought the ring would be at the bottom of the candle but when I lit the candle on Christmas morning it was visible after about an hour or two of burning. My ring was valued at $24 and I think its beautiful! I would like to burn more jewelscent candles in the future because the suspense was really fun!


My grandmom read my gift giving guide and gave Phil and I both coffee mugs! IMG_4568

The gifts Phil gave me were all cat themed. He gave me a cat ring, catopoly, a book of poems written by cats called I Could Pee on This, cat book ends, cat scarves, and a NINJA coffee maker because I love coffee and one of our cats is named Ninja.

We actually managed to wait until Christmas morning to give each other gifts this year, which was a true miracle. I gave Phil a playstation 4 because he really wanted one and this year he has been the kind of husband you would meet in a fairy tale. I have had no time to do anything this past year since I went back to school and he has helped me in every possible way with everything. I don’t understand the thrill of owning a playstation 4 or any video gaming system, but since he does and I could afford to buy it I thought it was a nice way to say thank you.

Other gifts I am really excited about: EOS lip balm holiday pack, my new 20 ounce travel mug (not pictured), and my new purple Believe I Am journal.


Gift giving is fun but the best gift I receive each holiday season is spending time with my family and friends.

I hope everyone else had a nice Christmas and got to watch Home Alone at least once!

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