The 2015 goals I met & the 2015 goals I did not meet

Last January I wrote down 22 goals on my blog–goals I intended to meet during 2015. Although I had every intention to keep these goals in mind and work diligently everyday to meet them, some of them fell by the wayside as the year progressed.

_____________GOALS I MET IN 2015_____________________

The first goal I had was to find out why I get such bad migraines. I still get migraines but not as frequently or as bad as I was getting them last year. I discovered that I had some food intolerances that were triggering them so adjusting my diet has helped eliminate some of the migraines. Despite not eliminating the migraines completely, I think I accomplished this goal.

My second goal was to not spend any time in the urgent care or emergency room in 2015. As far as I can remember I did not go to the emergency room or urgent care in 2015. There may have been times I should have, like when I speared my head with that tree in September, but I didn’t go. Goal accomplished.

My third goal was to be healthy and run stronger. I was healthier this year and I felt strong running. Running the marathon is a true testament to my strength this year. Goal accomplished.

I had a goal to buy the domain name for my blog. Goal accomplished.

I had a goal to finish making my office into an office and to hang my first masters degree on the wall. Goal accomplished.

I had a goal to learn how to use Netflix on the TV. I am still no expert but if my life depended on it I could watch Netflix on my TV and not the computer or the iPad. Goal accomplished.

I had a goal to use my believe journal and my gratitude journal. Goal accomplished.

I had a goal to do laundry more regularly. I thought this was going to be a goal I did not meet but surprisingly my laundry situation never got ridiculously out of control in 2015. I donated a lot of clothes in 2015 and Phil started to do his own laundry, which helped with the overall amount of laundry. As a result, I didn’t have 10 laundry piles as tall as I am on the basement floor that kept growing. Less clothes=the need to do laundry more regularly. Goal accomplished.

Keep graduate school a top priority. Goal accomplished.

_____________GOALS I DID NOT MEET IN 2015_________________

I had a goal to increase my mileage/Run as many days as I could. I barely ran in 2015. I didn’t run more miles or most days. I am not mad about not meeting this goal because it was an impossible goal for the amount of responsibilities I had this year. This was not a smart goal to set because it was vague and it wasn’t measurable. 

I had a goal to stay focused on running even on the days that I don’t feel like running. That lasted for about 2 months and then I simply didn’t run if I didn’t want to. I am not mad about not meeting this goal because some days in 2015 running made me miserable and on those days it was best that I didn’t run. 

I had a goal to run outside as much as I could when it was freezing cold. No. I barely went outside when it was cold. This was just unrealistic. I do not like to be cold!

I had a goal to sleep more and go to bed earlier. I think I was awake the entire duration of 2015. I barely slept. I am actually furious about this goal. No one should ever have so many things going on that they simply do not have time to sleep or rest. Its bad for your health and probably one of the reasons I felt so miserable all year long. 

I had a goal to run under 18 minutes in a 5k. Did not happen. I had a goal to run under 38 minutes in a 10k. Did not happen. I had a goal to run under 5 minutes in the 1500. I didn’t even run a 1500 this year. In May I decided to run a marathon so these goals became moot. I was focusing on the marathon. I am not upset, I simply changed my focus to the marathon. 

I had a goal to run a PR at the 4th of July race. I had jet lag, no food in the house, and a broken fridge the day of the 4th of July race. I had gone on vacation during a power outage and returned home in the wee hours of the morning before the race. I wasn’t in great shape in July but even if I had been there was no way a PR would have been possible under these stressful circumstances. I still won the award for the fastest women in town so I am not upset. 

I have had a longstanding goal to be able to do 100 consecutive pushups. I did 26 consecutive pushups in 2015. I am absolutely furious with myself for not even making myself to do pushups everyday. 

I had a goal to dress nicer when I am not running, at a running related event, or doing some type of workout. That lasted consistently until April and then became sporadic for the last 8 months of the year. I have tried to do this but I could do better and unfortunately I still leave the house looking absolutely ridiculous some times. I am not upset I did not meet this goal because I saw improvement in this area. Improvement of any kind is never bad. 

I had a goal to start lifting more regularly/consistently. LOL! I probably lifted a total of 12 times in 2015. This is like the pushups. I should have made myself do it to build strength. Its also something I enjoy and I didn’t do enough things I enjoyed this year. 

I had a goal to download a new song every week. That lasted for around 20 weeks and then I ran out of iTunes money and never replenished it. This was a fun goal but it may have became expensive so I am not that upset.


………………………………….2016 GOALS COMING SOON 


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