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Life should be enjoyable

Life should be enjoyable. 

No one should ever live an unhappy life. Even in the darkest hour, there is still good in the world. Last year I completed a personal project, where I wrote down things that I was grateful for each day. I was able to find something to be grateful for EVERYDAY. This project was great. It kept me positive, hopeful, and optimistic.

In MANY ways this project changed me. Some days I had to really think about what I was grateful for, what made me happy, and what brought me joy…..but because of that I have a long list of the things that brought me joy and made me happy. Likewise, it was easy for me to see the things that did not make me happy because at the end of the year they were not listed in my year long gratitude journal. I became more self aware. Then, I had an epiphany. 

My 2016 project is to embrace the things that make me happy, to focus on my goals, and to eliminate the things that I did not list because anything not listed certainly did not make me happy. It was very easy for me to see which aspects of my life were missing from my list, and then it was easy to see which areas of my life needed major alterations. So, I asked myself how I could improve my overall happiness and it was easy to identify the main problem–I have been doing too many things, but the wrong kinds of things. The things I have been doing will not get me anywhere aside from short of my goals. In 2016 I am taking risks and making changes so I can embrace the things that make me happy and eliminate the things that make me unhappy. I am not going to do things that DO NOT make me happy anymore. 

I have goals, so why should I do things that will derail me from my goals? Everything comes with a sacrifice, but I believe the future (my future) can be better and that I can become VERY happy and successful if I eliminate the things that don’t make me happy.


Everyone deserves to be happy. Find what makes you happy and embrace those things. Eliminate the things that make you unhappy. 


2 thoughts on “Life should be enjoyable

  1. I really like both of those project ideas. I might join in on one or both. I’ve always found it remarkable how hard it is to chase what truly makes us happy and say no to all the rest. It should be so easy, but it’s not.

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