The Philadelphia ZOO!

After a week of being home sick and not leaving the house except to go to the doctor, I finally felt better on Friday. The marathon, which I ran 2 months ago, really hit my immune system hard and I have been getting sick every few weeks. This past week was awful but thankfully I think I am finally sickness free for good.

Because I was feeling better on Friday, Phil and I decided to go to the Philadelphia Zoo for the day. Winter is an off season for the zoo. I actually prefer to visit places during their off season because I don’t like crowds and I always feel rushed through the experience when places are crowded. Going to the zoo in the winter is perfect because there are very few other people there.

(Tickets are cheaper in the winter too and there is plenty of free parking)

We got to the zoo just before 1 o’clock and left around 4 o’clock. We were able to spend 3 peaceful hours exploring and looking at the animals. The one and only downside to going to the zoo in the winter is that it’s cold, but that’s what hats and gloves are for!

First, we went to the reptile house: SNAKES SNAKES SNAKES SNAKES!!!

I don’t like snakes.


This snake was terrifying.


This frog was cute


And the turtles were awesome!


Then we saw the cats, my favorite part of the zoo!

There was an adorable little cat licking its foot and it was the size of a house cat. I was obsessed with it, so I took a video. It’s the cutest thing!




Petting a leopard……








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