February Goals

January is ending and I haven’t accomplished a whole lot of things. I was sick for most of the month and I had a lot of things going on. I don’t like ending a month and feeling like I didn’t accomplish much, especially with running. So, its time to set some goals for February.


  1. Create some kind of race schedule and commit to the races by signing up for at least 2 races in advance
  2. Write out a schedule of what I plan to run everyday in February
  3. Build my mileage back up to the mid 40s
  4. Run in the morning or day, unless I am attending a group run or have set plans to meet up with someone who can’t run in the day.
  5. Run at least one track workout


  1. Declutter the closet in my office, the desk drawers, and file cabinet


  1. Go to bed before 11:30pm

Grad School

  1. Send an email I have been putting off since November
  2. Work on my research proposal at least 2x a week

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