Things I do when I don’t blog

I took a break from blogging for 10+ days (until earlier this week) and I did regular things.  

I bought a few new cardigans (shocking, I know). I love cardigans and this one was only $10. I love this color although Phil picked it out. At least one of us has good taste in clothing. Sometimes I leave the house looking ridiculous…….

I made a heart out of my Altras. I was particularly proud of this photo so I posted it on every single one of my social media platforms. I know I’m not the only person in the world to do this but in the moment I thought I was the most brilliant woman alive, and we all need to feel that way every once in a while.

I did something crafty without referencing Pinterest. I came up with this idea in the shower but I am sure you could find something like this on Pinterest.

Homemade heart shaped pizza. We aren’t the kind of couple who waits all year for valentines day. We like it but we don’t even really care much about anniversaries so valentines day is pretty low on this list of things Phil and I get excited about, but we do get excited about pizza. This seemed appropriate. So did this chocolate cake that Phil made for me while I was running.

I rooted for the Panthers in the Super Bowl. I had an acceptable reason to wear this sweater and I have a black cat who looks like a baby panther.

I tried to get the internet to care that my cat reads the New York Times but I wasn’t as successful as I would have liked.

I baked chocolate chip cookies, mostly because the oven makes the house really warm.

I updated my RUNNING page.

I went to the eye doctor so I could get contacts and I shoveled snow. Of course I still ran, drank coffee, and worked on stuff for grad school too.

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