February Recap: Miles run & things I have done

Summary: I decided to tackle a lot things in February, specifically in the running category. I stumbled a little mid month and ended up taking a lot of days off in a row. I had insomnia for the entire month of February, which is a reoccurring issue for me. I have had issues with sleep since I was in high school. Thankfully, as soon as March 1st arrived I was able to sleep like a normal person. I can’t explain why that is. I rearranged my bedroom furniture, maybe that helped. Not sleeping partially explains the problems I had sticking to a running schedule. Running on days when I didn’t sleep for 30 hours didn’t seem sensible. My body was physically exhausted. The other part of the problem was that I hesitate to run alone when it is freezing outside and I hate the treadmill. I am NOT a winter person.



  1. Goal: Create some kind of race schedule and commit to the races by signing up for at least 2 races in advance Reality: I signed up for one race in advance and I made a plan to run a second race in April on the track. GOAL COMPLETED 
  2. Goal: Write out a schedule of what I plan to run everyday in February Reality: Although I didn’t follow the schedule perfectly I did make one. GOAL COMPLETED 
  3. Goal: Build my mileage back up to the mid 40s Reality: I hit 40 miles the last week of February GOAL INCOMPLETE
  4. Goal: Run in the morning or day, unless I am attending a group run or have set plans to meet up with someone who can’t run in the day. Reality: GOAL COMPLETED 
  5. Goal: Run at least one track workout Reality: I ran two workouts, 1 on the track and 1 on the treadmill GOAL COMPLETED

Total miles: 137.5


3×1 mile 6:40 6:36 6:31

8×400 1:40 1:33 1:34 1:32 1:34 1:30 1:33 1:30 & 4×200 45 46 46 47


  1. Goal: Declutter the closet in my office, the desk drawers, and file cabinet Reality: I did not do this. GOAL INCOMPLETE


  1. Goal: Go to bed before 11:30pm Reality: I didn’t sleep. GOAL INCOMPLETE

Grad School

  1. Goal: Send an email I have been putting off since November GOAL COMPLETE
  2. Goal: Work on my research proposal at least 2x a week GOAL COMPLETE


Other noteworthy moments from February:

I got a flat tire

I finally renewed my USATF membership

NJ had snow

There were 2 Altra demo runs at Sneakers & Spokes

Date Day: The Academy of Natural Sciences

I finally got contacts again


I walked to the post office to mail a letter and ended up buying a $4 cat statue from a thrift store on my way home


I went to a roller derby game

My Altra ambassador gear arrived


Of course I took pictures of my cats


An impromptu progression run


A cold 13 mile run with Lyndsey

There was a thunderstorm in February

I watched Fuller House

3 thoughts on “February Recap: Miles run & things I have done

  1. It looks like you had a good month and a few great workouts (although I’m confused about the splits on your 400s and how you managed a 1:90? But maybe that’s a consequence of the sleep thing). I think it’s awesome you were able to be consistent with running even in a cold winter month, even if you did not meet all of your mileage goals. After all, if you met all your goals then technically maybe they would’ve been too easy, right?

    You look cute in that pic with the contacts! Hope you have a good March!

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