Typical daily thoughts

-Coffee, coffee, coffee! Which mug will I use today??!?!?! The bigger the mug the more coffee!

-I HATE waking up. I want to abolish mornings!

-Oh my goodness!! My cats are the cutest cats in the whole entire world. Look how precious you are (talking to a cat).

-Laundry, I can do that tomorrow or when I run out of clean socks

-Should I have nachos for lunch or dinner or both?

-I feel like I live in Stars Hallow…..which episode of Gilmore Girls am I on? (I am on my 3rd rewatch since December)

-I need to google “when is the Gilmore Girls revival going to air” even though there wasn’t any information yesterday

-I hate writing discussion posts *stares at the computer screen for hours typing*

-XX amount of days until christmas, my birthday, whatever I am counting down to that particular day

-I’m thirsty *drinks 6 glasses of water and gatorade*

-Seriously, which sparkly soul should I wear today?? *stares at the box of 42 sparkly soul headbands for 5 minutes* I don’t have  [insert chosen color/pattern here] and that is the one I want to wear today.

-I feel like I am running 15 minute miles today *Looks at watch, 7:30 pace or faster* I LOVE RUNNING TODAY!

– Why does our mail person refuse to come….? *Checks mailbox anyway*

-I love it here *walks through town* If you look hard enough you can find cat statues in these stores. “I found one!” *resists buying the cat statue, this time*

-Graduate school is stressful

-Why am I still in school

-When I am done graduate school, earn the certification I need, land a great job, start my own consulting business, and teach myself sign language I am going to start making wooden motivational quote signs to sell at craft fairs

-Which races do I want to run?

-How much faster can I run a marathon?

-When will I run another PR in any race?

-What just showed up on my twitter feed?!?!?!?! How do I even know these people?



8 thoughts on “Typical daily thoughts

    1. I think my problem (with running) is that I’m not focused on anything! I drink too much coffee to function and focus but I’m glad they I’m not the only one who has these kinds of thoughts!


  1. Haha- which races do I want to run and how will I pay for them… is so me. Also my friend’s wife makes and sells those wooden motivational signs, pillows, etc at craft fairs. He’s a runner so she’s got some great quotes for them! Lately her thing is selling them at animal rescue events so most have been about pets these days.

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