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March Recap: Miles run & things I have done 


Run 1 race✔️ 

I ran the Adrenaline 5k in 20:12 

Do at least 3 track workouts✔️
I’ve done more than 3 workouts. I would provide details but I’m writing this post from my phone in my bed because I can’t sleep. Getting up to check my Believe Journal would disturb my cats who are sleeping on my feet. The past few years I can’t seem to remember much about runs after a few days have passed. In college I had an index card case with a separate card for each workout I did and I would remember the splits months later. I was neurotic then and now I can barley find my watch or shoes. I do know I ran a 1k workout (my least favorite) and I also ran a 600 in 2:02 during the workout I did on Wednesday. 

Build my mileage back up to the mid 40s (2nd attempt)✔️

Yes! I have a longggggg way to go but I feel like for the first time in a long time my training is going well. *knock on wood*

Also, I know I ran more than I did in February and I enjoyed running more in March. 

Declutter the closet in my office, the desk drawers, and file cabinet (2nd attempt)✔️

I did this minus the file cabinet. It seems like the file cabinet’s contents are now on the floor waiting to be shredded……

Declutter crawspace✔️ 

Clean out the trunk of my car, you could literally find anything you wanted there✔️ 
An entire garbage bag full of trash and useless junk came out of the trunk of my car. 


File taxes✔️
Easy. I’ve been using turbo tax and doing taxes since I was at least 13 thanks to my grandfather. 

Work my way up to 30 consecutive pushups✔️

I did 30 push-ups while I was waiting to sign up for the marathon! Best way to pass time is to do something you’ve been putting off. 

Grad School

Pay a visit to my undergraduate university and get documentation about a class I took senior year so I can use the class toward my graduate degree✔️
This was stressful. I couldn’t remember where anything was. I run through campus all the time and I live 1 mile away so there is no excuse. 😳 

Work on my research proposal at least 2x a week (an ongoing goal)✔️

This is why I am slowly loosing my mind 

 Complete my 6th quarter✔️

Grades A+ & A- 

Other things 

I asked Twitter to settle a debate Phil and I were having over the number of coffee mugs we own. We have 37. He says that’s too many. I don’t think we have enough. Twitter ruled in my favor! ☕️

I painted cat statues with my mom and grandmothers.  

Lyndsey and I sold sparkly soul headbands at the hot chocolate expo.   

I took all of these photos. March, you are tricky.    

2 thoughts on “March Recap: Miles run & things I have done 

  1. It sounds like you had a solid month of training and life. I feel like March flew right by. I need to work on decluttering my house as well so you have inspired me to do that this month.

    Liked by 1 person

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