My beautiful shoes, a snowstorm, a race I didn’t run, and a long run 

I wanted to run a 5k at a track meet on Saturday. Saturday was a less than perfect day weather wise. It wasn’t raining cats and dogs but it was raining A LOT. I love watching track meets and I was wearing rain gear so I wasn’t as miserable as I would have been if I wasn’t at a track meet and if I wasn’t wearing rain gear. The rain calmed down in the afternoon but as soon as I started to warm up I was running into a downpour. Immediately after I got done warming up I saw everyone rushing away from the track toward the building. The meet was delayed, then it started to SN❄️W, and then it was canceled before the 200, 5K, and 4X400. I didn’t get to race but I did get to see cherry blossoms covered in snow. That warmup was the only running I did on Saturday. I was not a fan of the snow.  


After Saturday’s snowstorm I stalled running as long as possible on Sunday. I didn’t want to run because there was snow on the ground…….in April. I really didn’t want to be outside in the cold so I stalled running until 5:30pm. By that time the snow was gone and the temperature was 48•, which is cold by my standards. I couldn’t forsee it getting any warmer so I put on my beautiful shoes because I knew they would motivate me to run. 

If you are wondering what my beautiful shoes look like…..  

I own these shoes because they are beautiful. I bought them because I love the color combination. It was an impulsive buy…….These shoes are called the Altra Impusle. Maybe that joke isn’t as funny as I thought it was……..

Anyway, these shoes remind me of clouds and I love clouds. One time as a kid my mom sponge painted my ceiling to look like clouds and I had a cloud print comforter. Clouds make me smile so I put my beautiful shoes on and I ran 12 miles.

Lately, I haven’t been doing long runs unless I have someone to drag me outside or if I am running on the treadmill occumpanied by Lorelai and Rory while watching Gilmore Girls. This is a direct result of winter. I hate being cold. 

When I put my beautiful shoes on Sunday evening I forgot how cold I was. I had an amazing run and I loved every second but, I got a tiny blister because I wore my coffee cup dress socks. Those socks aren’t meant for running even though they express my love for coffee.

I had a great long run and now it’s warmer. Unless we have another spring snowstorm I think I’ll be motivated to run outside for a while. 

10 thoughts on “My beautiful shoes, a snowstorm, a race I didn’t run, and a long run 

  1. Ugh that snow was awful last weekend. We had a bunch stick in Mullica Hill as well. .

    Ha, I actually think I might have made that Impulse joke so great minds think alike 😉

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  2. I like your new shoes and especially the color (and name, hehe). Sorry about the snow and the meet being cancelled! It’s neat that adults can do the track meet, though, but disappointing to train for a race, be there and ready, and have it cancelled. Hopefully you get to race soon!

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    1. I’m going to race a mile on Friday actually!! It’s easy for me to get into track meets through the school where I coach. I was just in the racing mindset so it was frustrating our meet ended early. Honestly, I think I would have gotten my butt kicked by one of our athletes who was also supposed to run the 5K so maybe it was for the best haha. Seriously though, I would have loved for her to race just to prove to her that she is much more talented than she believes. She would have easily ran under 20 minutes and I probably would have built a snowman on lap 5……

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      1. I ran a small race in the city where I lived a few years ago. When I lived there I coached youth track, and a kid I coached beat me in the race… I was so honored to lose to someone I coached :). I hope you get to race the mile- that sounds exciting and I’ve always wanted to race a mile because it’s something most adults have never done!


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