Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: More old college photos


The time we went to a track meet in North Carolina and I fell asleep on the bleechers like this (spring 2008)


The time we went to a meet somewhere really far away and I fell asleep like this (fall 2008)

Districts 052.jpg

The time that I was trying to sleep when we were going to a meet that was really far away but I couldn’t resist flipping my sparkly pink flip phone open to answer a text (fall 2006)


Do you see a pattern here??? Basically the only time I slept in college was on meet days.

2006 XC Postseason 033.jpg

One of the many times I thought I was shady with my hood up and my glow-in-the-dark sunglasses (fall 2006)

Also, I still wear this hoody all the time and I’ll never stop. My mission is to find out what happened to these sunglasses.


This picture is a perfect example of how being short makes you look like you don’t have any shorts on (fall 2008)



2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: More old college photos

  1. How tall are you? But I understand with the shorts thing, I do the 4′ inseam shorts but if I wore anything shorter I wouldn’t look like I was wearing them because all my shirts are so long!

    It amazes me how and where I could fall asleep during college and now I have so much trouble sleeping!


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