RRCW mile (5:47)

Last Friday (4/15/16) I ran a 1 mile track race hosted by the Road Runners Club of Woodbury. RRCW is a local running club here in South Jersey and they host several races throughout the year. This race was a true mile, so 1609 meters as opposed to the typical 1600 (4 laps around the track). Before last week I’ve only run a true mile a handful of times during indoor track in college. To be honest, I don’t know what my mile PR is. If I convert my best 1500 meter time to a mile its probably just under 5:30. To be even more honest, I don’t remember my 1500 meter time either. I know its really close to 5 flat because my goal for YEARS has been to run under 5 in the 1500.


I am the person in the picture waving to the camera.

Going into this race I had predicted I would run 5:45 and I would have if we had simply run 4 laps! I impressed myself with my accuracy and I am still boasting about it a week later. Over the past month I have been feeling stronger. I also know what kinds of times I am capable of running at varying points in my fitness. I like to set realistic performance goals based on how my training is going at the moment versus setting goals based on my lifetime PRs–that only leads to disappointment.

For where I am in my training right now I am beyond happy with this 5:47!


This race was a blast! I wasn’t nervous, I was happy to be with a few of my friends, and I was thrilled to wear my racing shoes! The mint green part of these Altras matched my sparkly soul perfectly!




7 thoughts on “RRCW mile (5:47)

  1. Congratulations on your one mile race! I wish I could race a track mile someday, but we don’t have anything like that here. I love that you were smiling for the camera and running happy, too- not super duper serious about it :). Those shoes are such fun colors, too.

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