April Recap: Miles run, things I have done & other stuff

Hello internet!

There are a lot of things I should have blogged about the past few weeks but I didn’t. I also never published April goals. Honestly, I don’t even know what happened to April. I woke up one day it was over.


Total miles run in April: 183.6 

This is an improvement over March. My mileage is still nowhere near where I want it to be but I am increasing it slowly. My May goal is to run over 200 miles. Previous monthly mileage:March=166, February=137.5, January=82.6

Total races: 2

RRCW Mile (5:47)

10K (41:08)

I never wrote about the 10K I ran and I should have so, I’ll write a brief summary here. On April 22nd I ran a 10K on the track at Widener University. Going into this race I felt that I could run around 41:00. I told myself that I wouldn’t take the lead in this race until after the first mile because I have a tendency to go out too fast, especially on the track. Instead I went out a bit too slow but I was able to keep a consistent pace throughout the race. I never did catch up to the woman in the lead and I held 2nd place the whole time, but that is okay. I’m pretty sure she ran a PR and after looking up her results from this season online I learned that she is getting faster as the season progresses. I haven’t been racing or running enough to pull off a super solid 10K at this point in time. She deserved the win and I’m happy for her. I was also happy with how I ran even though I didn’t run as well as I have in the past. I felt strong running. Overall, I was pleased with how I ran and out of the 3 races I’ve run this year I’ve been able to correctly predict how I’d perform.

Other things about the race: I wore all neon, I was given the number 7 (my favorite number), and the April showers didn’t begin until after the race ended.


Before 10K


After 10k


4×600, 1K, 5X200

2X00, 2X400, 2X800

1K, 800, 600, 400, 300, 200, 150, 4X100

Long Runs:

12 miles, 12.5 miles, 14 miles, 15 miles

I did the 15 mile long run last Wednesday at White Clay in Delaware with Lyndsey. I’ve never run there before but it was beautiful and I loved it! Unfortunately, during this run I hurt my knee and the rest of the week was basically a wash. I must have twisted something running on the trails but thankfully it resolved itself and I am pain free now. IMG_5011

Grad School

-I started a new quarter

-I submitted another draft of my research proposal

-I only had 1 meltdown (a huge improvement over the last year and a half)


-Instead of Date Day Phil and I did spring cleaning

-I started and ended the month working at the Sparkly Soul booth at race expos


-I went to an insane yoga class where the instructor made us stand on our heads against a wall

-Sole Athletica sent me these awesome lace tags for my Altras


-I got the opposite of a bill in the mail, a check from a billing company!

-After 5 years of living in my town I went to the convenience store

Kittens and Coffee



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