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May Recap: Miles run & things I have done

I’ll start by saying that I did not run 200 miles in the month of May, which was my goal. I ran 163 miles. May was a weird month for me. Some days in May were the best days of my life and other days in May were the worst days of my life. It seemed like the better things got the worse they got. Just a weird month…..

Graduate school

During the month of May I had 3 huge projects for grad school due around the same time. I needed to allocate volunteers for two of them and I am so grateful for my friends who stepped up to help me, Hollie, Lyndsey, and some of my former athletes.

I had to take two huge exams within days of each other. Both of these exams were critical to me being able to move forward with my program. The first time I took the more important of the two exams I didn’t pass. The second time I took it, this week, I was very lucky. Exams make me nervous and the more important the exam the more stressed and nervous I become. I am just so thankful and lucky that everything turned out the way I needed it to.

I spent a great deal of my time working on my research proposal and submitting another (hopefully the last) draft. I’d love to start doing the data collection soon.


During the month of May I struggled with running A LOT. I tried to write about this at least 5 times but I kept deleting the posts because I didn’t want to make my friends feel bad for living their lives. I just miss them. Running alone is tough, especially for workouts and long runs. I had got used to running with people and then suddenly it was gone. I never thought our training group would change, except for us all getting faster. I wasn’t being realistic because everything changes, even if it is just temporarily.

By the end of the month I started to feel more motivated to train and things have improved.

-I ran one race (SPARC 5K)

Other things

-My town had a craft fair and I got 2 new cat statues

-Phil and I went to a baseball game. I tried to catch a foul ball but they just weren’t hitting them to our section


-I developed The Grudge List, which is a way to keep yourself from holding too many unnecessary grudges

-I found a bag of skittles with no purple skittles (the orchard bag)


-I got new nail polish


-I learned (the hard way) that you can’t see a sunset on a cloudy day


Cats and Coffee


3 thoughts on “May Recap: Miles run & things I have done

  1. I love all your pictures and am glad you had a good month. Don’t sweat the 200 miles. I ended up with my first ever 200 mile month but now feel a little burnt out. Besides, you have forever to run even after grad school. Glad you got your projects done and you have friends and people to help you out with the research/data collection!


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