Date Day: Historic Philadelphia

Last week Phil and I decided that we wanted to see The Liberty Bell so we took the train into Philadelphia and waited in a short line with several elementary school field trip groups to see The Liberty Bell.

Phil was amazed that The Liberty Bell was out in the open. This didn’t shock me because many years ago I was an elementary school kid on a field trip looking at The Liberty Bell. While everyone was using their phones to take pictures Phil pulled a polaroid camera out of his backpack and took my picture. People were confused.IMG_5257.JPG

W learned that The University of Pennsylvania figured out that the bell would ring in the key of D flat. It is crazy to think that no living person ever heard this bell ring.

After we saw The Liberty Bell we wanted to check out some other historic areas in the city. We went to Washington Square and I made a wish in the fountain. By the way, it came true.

We saw an exhibit of presidential paintings.

We saw lots of streets that looked like this.IMG_5211

We walked down Elfreth’s Alley, our nations oldest residential street.



IMG_5215IMG_5214IMG_5218IMG_5212While we were on Elfreth’s Alley I saw this city kitty in a window! This was the third cat I saw that day. I saw a white cat sleeping in a pet shop window and I was able to pet a cat that was hanging out in a store across the street from The Betsy Ross house. When I saw that cat I called him and he ran right over to me. I named him George Washingcat!

We did not tour The Betsy Ross house but we spent a lot of time outside of it because there were cat sculptures. Three cat sculptures!

Obviously, I had to take pictures with them.

After I saw all of these cats we walked around the city for a while and then took the train back to South Jersey. There are so many things we didn’t see but we are so close to the city that we can go back anytime.

2 thoughts on “Date Day: Historic Philadelphia

  1. I went to Philly in 2005 on a college trip and saw the liberty bell. Most of us didn’t have FB back then but I’m sure there’s a pic somewhere of my honors college in front of that bell. I also believe I walked down that street too. Looks like you guys had a great date without having to travel too far or spend a lot of money, and those are the best!

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