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June Recap: Miles run & things I have done


Total Miles: 178.45

Running has gone well during the month of June. I have enjoyed most of my runs and I ran 1 race. I still feel like I should or could be running more but that is just a part of who I am. No matter how much or how fast I run I always want to run more and I always want to run faster.

Graduate School 

My classes ended and I finished with a B, B+ & A-

I was really overwhelmed with school during June. I had a lot of barriers to overcome, exams to pass, things to memorize, and plans to make for the summer.

I was also thrilled to have some time off from school to do whatever I wanted once my classes ended.

Other things 

I went to the beach 2x after not going to the beach in probably 2 years.

I made a wish in this fountain while I was in Cape May. Hopefully it comes true…


I had dinner with my Pacers teammates


I attended a lot of group runs at Sneakers & Spokes. I also got a Sneakers & Spokes Jersey.

Cats & Coffee

5 thoughts on “June Recap: Miles run & things I have done

  1. I love the sneakers and spokes jersey. It’s so patriotic (I hope anyone who owns one and ran a July 4 race wore it). Glad you had a good month of running and a good race, and that grad school went well :).


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