Freedom 4 miler

This race recap is late but you know what they say, better late than never. Last Monday was one of my favorite days of the year, 4th of July. I love this day for a bunch of reasons but mostly because the community aspect of running is magnified at this particular race. It was amazing to see so many people I know sharing the joy of running in the same place! And, for the 5th time I won the trophy for fastest woman in town. This isn’t an extremely high profile title, but in my world it means I can put this trophy in my window next to the other 4. When people ask me what the trophies are for, usually door to door salesman, I tell them I am the fastest woman in town. I get rid of the door to door salesman shortly after that because they don’t want to talk to me about running and they regret asking about the trophies. I suppose in my town some bragging rights are attached to this award, but here in California, where I am for the summer, no one seems to be that impressed…….

Despite earning this trophy, I did not win the race. I finished as the 2nd female with a time of 26:27 and 35/795 overall. The woman who won lives in a different town.


Since this is a large local race I found myself chatting with everyone before the race began and even having a conversation during the first half mile. This race is probably the most socializing I do all year…..

Going into this race my A goal was to run under 28 minutes and my B goal was to run under 27 minutes, which I did. I haven’t been doing workouts and I didn’t know exactly where my fitness would be, but my runs have been faster and more progressive than they were a few months ago so I thought these were realistic goals.

I didn’t feel bad running. I felt exactly like a person should feel when they run a race. The best part was that I outsprinted a guy at the end. Typically, the only time I can make my legs move that fast is when a dog is chasing me!!

Overall, it was a great race! It was the perfect experience before leaving home for the summer and I got to wear my new Sneakers & Spokes jersey!



3 thoughts on “Freedom 4 miler

  1. Congratulations on 2nd overall female and fastest woman in town! I think it’s great they do that award for locals especially in a holiday race where a lot of people running may be visiting from out of town. Even if people in Cali aren’t impressed, I am because you ran a great time! Hooray for scaring off salesmen with all the trophies too :).

    I love your sneakers and spokes jersey. It was patriotic and perfect for this race.

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