Pacific Standard Time Part 2

I’ve now been in California for over a week. I still miss being away from home a lot but it isn’t as bad this week as it was last week. I’ll admit that it is still challenging and I still really really really really miss home, but I have adjusted to being here.

I was feeling really confused in regards to school and my internship when I got here but things are starting to make sense now. I am getting to know my classmates and I am learning a lot from them as we prep for the summer camps we will be leading in the coming weeks. Hopefully, once we get everything ironed out and finalized I will have time to get back to my research project. Speaking of my research project, I met my new advisor and she has a cat. Because of this, I’d say our relationship is off to a good start.

Last Thursday was my birthday so I bought a really expensive milkshake at Cold Stone. It took me 29 years to actually go to a Cold Stone. I’m not sure if it was worth spending $5.50 for a vanilla milkshake but now I can say I’ve been to Cold Stone. Likewise, I finally went to a Chipotle and I liked it. So, I can say I have at least tried 2 new things since I’ve been here.

I have been drinking a lot less coffee than normal. That may or may not change. My California coffee count is only 3.

There may be a drought here but there certainly are quite a few lakes and fountains.

Speaking of the drought, here are a few shots of the canal trail I’ve been running on. The water is fenced because this is the county’s drinking water.

Last Friday Phil and I went on a movie date. We saw The Secret Life of Pets at the same. He saw the 7:10pm show in New Jersey and I saw the 4:10pm show here in California. It actually felt like we were seeing the movie together. Hopefully, we can do more things like this soon.IMG_5647

I’ve also been talking to Phil and the cats on FaceTime a lot. I really miss them A LOT. So far, I’ve seen 3 California cats and I was actually able to pet 1 of them. It’s not the same as snuggling with my cats though. IMG_5652

I took some cool photos during my long run on Sunday. The first is a tunnel that I ran through on the canal trail and the last 2 are from a place called Lime Ridge Open Space.

To end this post I’ll share a funny anecdote: As I was walking out of my school the other day I noticed these bricks, and several others like them, so I stopped to read what each brick said. As I was reading the bricks a sprinkler suddenly came on. For a visual, imagine me jumping around and running away.


2 thoughts on “Pacific Standard Time Part 2

  1. I’m proud of you going out there and I know how hard it can be. I think you’ll enjoy it the longer you’re out there. It sounds like you are making the best of it. I agree that FaceTime can be your best friend when away from family and friends.


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