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July Recap: Miles run & things I have done


Total Miles: 203.3

I ran one race.

This is the best month of training that I have had in a really really long time. I did a post the other day specifically about my running this month. To avoid being redundant, I’ll simply state that I LOVE running right now.

Here are some pictures of July’s runs:

The picture of me laying on the floor is from the day I tried to run in the middle of the day in 100 degree weather. Oh, I also got a new Garmin watch for my birthday (thanks Phil!) so the chances of me having a charged watch have doubled.


Graduate School 

I am in California doing an internship. Being at my school is like living in a dream. It felt surreal the first time I stepped on campus because I have been taking my classes online from New Jersey. For so long this was just a dream so it is a really powerful feeling to be here and realize that I am doing this. I can’t pinpoint when I will graduate but I am so proud of myself for getting this far in my program and taking this risk to fly across the country for the summer.

Other things 

-I caught a foul ball at an Oakland Athletics game

-I’ve seen 11 cats in California and I was able to pet 2 of them

-My coffee count is still at a pathetic low of 6. I’ve been drinking instant vanilla cappuccino the last two weeks but I ran out of that today. I still LOVE coffee I just don’t feel like I am in a coffee friendly environment. I also miss my local coffee shop.

-I may or may not have acquired 2 new coffee mugs while I’ve been here…..

-I went to a candy store!!!

-My new favorite post long run snack is waffles and ice cream

-I have poison oak on my butt

-I went hiking

-My watch tan is out of control

-I went to an escape room with a bunch of people from my graduate program and we escaped with less than 2 minutes to go!

-I’ve felt homesick a lot but mostly because I miss my precious cats. Phil has been sending me pictures though and I’ve talked to them on FaceTime!

Cats & Coffee 

*photo credit for MOST of the cat photos goes to Phil

3 thoughts on “July Recap: Miles run & things I have done

  1. I think you had a great month of training. Sorry to hear the coffee scene isn’t that great though…we can celebrate when you get back with diner coffee. You can’t wrong with that…most of the time.

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