Back on the “right” side of the country

I am finally back home in New Jersey, on the right side of the country! People often refer to the west coast as the left coast but I’ve never heard people refer to the east coast as the right coast, so I am trying it out here.

I’ve been home since around 2:00AM Saturday morning. The flight home was rough, there was a lot of turbulence. When I finally got to Chicago (late) I had a connecting flight to Philadelphia, which was delayed because of a traffic jam on the runway. I was sitting behind a screaming baby and next to a middle aged couple who needed to get a room.

When I got to Philadelphia I was overjoyed to be getting off the plane. Phil was waiting for me at baggage claim and when we got home both cats were sitting by the front door. My biggest fear was that the cats wouldn’t remember me, but they let me pick them up and snuggle them as soon as I walked in the house!!!

My posters made it all the way across the country in tact, only one sequin needed to be glued back on. I had 50 pounds of dirty laundry, which I miraculously washed and put away within a 24 hour time frame.

As much as I enjoyed California & as much as I miss my new friends, being home has been great. Phil took me to the diner and I finally have new running shoes. I also love being home with my cats and my coffee maker.I am very happy to be back on the right side of the country!

Since I’ve been home I’ve been trying to grow a pumpkin patch in my back yard and I’ve been putting a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg in my coffee so it tastes like fall in a mug. I signed up for a cross-country race on Sunday and I have been running through the woods!IMG_4134

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