Random things: September 2016 edition 

I’ve been very obsessed with the colors teal & what most people know as sea foam green lately, although sea foam green has been referred to as ocean (osielle), forget-me-not blue (SparklySoul), and breakfast at tiffanys (wet & wild nail polish). To me all of these things look like the same color. My recent love of these colors has been inspired by the new watch Phil gave me for birthday, my Altra shoes, and of course my sparkly soul headband and my oiselle shorts, which I bought 2x in “ocean” and 2x in black because I love them so much. 

The teal watch

Several pairs of my shoes have these colors. 

The sparkly soul matching the racing shoes. 

The shorts, thanks again for turning me on to these Kristine! 

The nail polish and the watch. 


I’m sure my love for these colors will not pass quickly. Let’s just add them to my list of favorite colors behind hot pink, lime green, lavender, sky blue and, regular purple. 

And speaking of colors, on Monday I wore neon yellow to run– Neon yellow shirt, shorts, and socks. Too bad I wasn’t running in the dark. 

My pumpkin sprouts are growing and that is the only good thing about this extreme heat. Pumpkins need heat to grow and since I planted them a month late there is a chance that they won’t grow pumpkins if it gets too cold too soon. 

And speaking of pumpkins, the fall craft fair is this Saturday and I’ll be able to get some new decorations. 

Last Friday Liz & I went to a diner and drank coffee and had breakfast for dinner. I also wanted to show her my new sports bra with a pocket so I did! 

By the way I love pockets so if you are a company and you want me to buy my clothes from you add pockets! I need to carry things like my lip balm and chap stick and occasionally a house key or money. I’m likely to spend the money on lip balm or coffee though. While at the diner I also emptied my purse and had about 5 or 6 lip balms and chapsticks in there. 

Cross country has officially started and I am loving it! I leave practice everyday with a smile and the athletes this year are great. I just feel a positive vibe! 

Phil & I have been watching Columbo. This is a great show and it’s hilarious! We had to briefly pause watching it while I was in California but now I am home and we are back to watching at night! 

On Friday Lyndsey and I will be selling sparkly souls and the Rock and Roll Philly 1/2 marathon expo! I can’t wait! 

Ever since I started buying the Gatorade powder rather than bottles of Gatorade I’ve felt like I’m doing my part in saving the environment even if it’s just a small effort. 

And Junior has been hanging out in a box. 

3 thoughts on “Random things: September 2016 edition 

  1. I am excited to see you this weekend. I actually had no idea you liked the color teal so much (LOL, now I do). I like pockets a lot too, especially dresses. That is the best invention in my opinion.


    1. I have one dress with pockets and a few skirts. I wear them often! Liking teal is a fairly new development but it’s and overwhelming one. I can’t wait to see you!


  2. I had so much fun with you on Friday! I love the color teal, too. My day planner and my iPad case are both teal. My iPhone case used to be teal, until it broke. I have a cake batter ChapStick to give you this weekend! #breakfastfordinnerforever


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