Being an adult

Exactly 2 years ago I decided to grade myself on typical adulthood tasks. Today I have decided to do it again and see if I am any better at being an adult.

Ready, set, GO!

Laundry=C: 2 years ago I gave myself an F but I have a lot less clothes now so I have to do laundry more frequently. I don’t stall as often as I used to but this is still a task that I don’t enjoy and that I will avoid for as long as possible.

Paying bills=F: No change here. I still don’t pay them, Phil does.
Dressing nice in public=D: I lost half a letter grade here. C- to a D. I discovered that any running top will look nicer with a scarf overtop and I don’t work full time anymore because I am trying to finish graduate school so I have less reason to wear real girl clothes. I enjoy my running shorts and old race t-shirts too much to be a girly girl.

Cooking=B: I can cook and I like to but I don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen everyday. No change in this category.

Keeping the house neat=B: I would like an A but its just not worth stressing myself out over the house looking perfect. My house looks nice enough that if someone came over unexpectedly they wouldn’t call hoarders or people wearing hazmat suits.

Grocery shopping=D: I make sure that I go to the grocery store once a month now so I’ll give myself a D rather than an F like last time.
Handling door to door salesman=F: No change. I really don’t like them dropping by.

Wearing makeup=F: I don’t like to. No change here. Maybe 5 times a year I’ll wear makeup.

Socializing=A: I’ve gone up 2 letter grades. I like the people in my life right now and that makes a huge difference, although I still like spending time at home.
Gifts and cards=B: I might not give you a birthday gift or send you a card on a holiday but I do enjoy sending letters in the mail or cards to my friends and family for no reason. Thats more fun if you ask me. I’ve moved up 2 grades here.

Children=F: Cats not kids. NO CHANGE HERE!!!

Meeting people for brunch=C: Sometimes. No change.

Having a business card=F: I have no desire to have a business card. I’ll just email you my contact information if you really want it.
Looking like I’m 29=D: I still get mistaken for being young but in 2 years I’ve gone from being mistaken from looking 16-18 to maybe being mistaken for looking 20-22ish. No change in grade.

Throwing dinner parties=C: We have family over once a year near Christmas and last year Phil and I hosted Thanksgiving at our house so I would say that qualifies me to move up a letter grade!

Having an established career=F: I resigned from my full time job to focus on grad school so that takes 2 letter grades away from me.


Not a whole lot has changed in 2 years but at the same time so much has changed. I don’t want to be an adult in the traditional sense. It doesn’t seem enjoyable to me at all. I would rather run around (literally) and be happy than wear fancy clothes and keep my house perfectly in order.



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